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  1. searching for silent install for 3 programs

    dBpowerAMP Music Converter 10.1 ECHO. ECHO Installing dBpowerAMP Music Converter 10.1 [Freeware] start /wait %CDDRIVE%\Applications\Illustrate\dBpowerAMP\dMC-r10.exe "<Silent>" taskkill.exe /F /IM MusicConverter.exe That's how i have it in my command script, works for me Note that the switch is actually just <Silent>, but to use this switch from the command line you must enclose it in quotes as i did above (ie "<Silent>") or it won't work because the <> symbols cause issues otherwise. Oddly the <Silent> switch will work without the quotes from the run box, just not from the command line (or command script)... a weird switch choice indeed... Regards
  2. Sonic Foundry Vegas Video 4 Switch?

    1) Ahh, I didn't know about that switch before, so out of curiosity i just had to try it -- but i couldn't get it to work ... but anyway, if it did work it would probably leave the temp MSI installer files on the drive just like after manually installing the program, which is something worth avoiding -- I can't see any reason to have the install files permanently on the drive, so extracting it like i said and running the MSI file directly suits me fine, it cuts out the middle man and saves needing to cleanup after installing it. 2) Yup, unfortunately that explains that one then oh well, can't have everything our way i spose. Regards
  3. Sonic Foundry Vegas Video 4 Switch?

    I've got no more ideas on registering it, I've tried and failed (for now anyway)... ...so it's just a quick <bump> from me would be nice if it's possible...
  4. I did see something a while ago that explained how to install windows update v4 silently, i assume you could do the same thing with WU v5... Looking back through my notes, i found the following (related to WUv4, so adjust it as required), it's something I probably copy/pasted from some other thread on this site, or maybe somewhere else, i dunno, but here it is... I just tried changing the v4 in that URL to v5 to test it but it just took me to the WU site rather than giving me the cab file to download, so I'll leave it to you to find the package you need. Hope that helps somewhat, or at least shows you it was possible so you don't give up just yet... Regards
  5. Sonic Foundry Vegas Video 4 Switch?

    I kept all the files and didn't try slimming it... the extracted files are roughly the same size as the exe installer anyway so i wasn't too concerned. Alltho, I just took a look at the files and 2 of them look familier: InstMsi-x86a.exe InstMsi-x86w.exe Those file names are similar to the ones you can remove from other install packages (instmsia.exe and instmsiw.exe) if installing on XP, so removing those might work, that'll save a bit of space anyway (just over 3MB in total), but other than that I'm not too sure. Regards
  6. Sonic Foundry Vegas Video 4 Switch?

    ahh, forgot about the different extraction process... Just took a look at the installer to remind me... and this what you need to do: Start the install, you will be prompted to enter a folder where it'll extract the install files too... after extraction you can cancel the installation and your files will be in the folder you specified...
  7. Sonic Foundry Vegas Video 4 Switch?

    Hi, extract the exe file and use the following to install (the usual MSI switch works too): vegas.msi /QB-! If you (or anyone ) knows how to silently register it, that would be great! anyone? Regards
  8. New Hotfixes Hi all, as requested, here's an update for a mod to add to the 1st page... There are only 2 new Hotfixes missing from the 1st page (Both are Type 1 Hotfixes and will install from svcpack.inf)... ========== For the Type 1 Hotfixes Section: Q833987 (14th September 2004) Buffer overrun in JPEG processing (GDI+) could allow code execution Download - 1389KB Q883357 (13th August 2004) Your backup program may fail or incorrectly exclude some files from your backup in Windows XP Download - 320KB For the Updates Section: 21st September 2004 - 2 new Type 1 updates added (833987 and 883357), both can be installed via svcpack.inf. ========== Regards
  9. working on a script

    Yup, just extract DEPLOY.CAB and inside you will find SETUPMGR.EXE Also in DEPLOY.CAB u will find REF.CHM, this contains other useful info for creating your WINNT.SIF file.