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  1. Problem with permissions

    i tried that and it gives me the same error
  2. Problem with permissions

    ok well yesterday i was on this forum and they said that you could change your windows start button on your taskbar so i decided to try it. but after i followed the instructions here http://www.vistax64.com/tutorials/67717-take-ownership-file.html i found a program that changes it. so i decided that after the 7th step i just stopped and decided to use the program but when i tried to use the program it wouldnt let me use the buttons i downloaded that were on the desktop and it gave me this warning so i figured it was because of me doing what i did. i tried system restore but it said it couldn't access a certain file which i'm sure is the explorer. is there a way i can possible fix this?? thank you a lot to anyone who can help me out
  3. Revolutions Pack 9.7

    i tried what you said but it didn't do anything. i tried clicking the link and windows update but it still does the same thing
  4. i recently upgraded my firefox 2 to firefox 3 with kernelex. but ever since i updated firefox always starts in offline mode and i have to switch it to online mode everytime i start it. i tried looking up the problem on google but they only had problems with it on linux and i don't have linux so that obviously didn't help. can anyone tell me how to fix this? nvm i fixed it but i have another problem. since today, my bookmarks and history won't show up.
  5. Revolutions Pack 9.7

    thanks i'm gonna try this. will this work for ME too? i think it will but i want to make sure
  6. Revolutions Pack 9.7

    hello. i'm having problems. after downloading everything it said i needed gdi still so i downloaded that and now when i try to install it, it says 'The file Q918457 was not found' can anyone let me know how to fix this please?
  7. Firefox 3

    i tried that yesterday and after it installed and told me to reboot i did. and when it rebooted and showed the windows me screen, it started making strange soudns and it wouldn't go past that screen. i restarted my pc a few times and keep trying but i ended up having to recover my pc from the factory settings
  8. Firefox 3

    is there anyway to get the newest firefox to work on windows ME?
  9. Why do you still use 9X

    i use windows ME cause i'm broke lol simple as that
  10. i have a question, is there any transformation packs for windows ME? i see them for xp a lot. i want my pc to look more like xp or vista. i've tried windows blinds but it comes out strange looking. can anyone help me out?
  11. Revolutions Pack 9.7

    i'm having a problem. when i try to install it, it says that i need some programs or whatever to install so i did that and i installed the programs i needed to but it says i need USER update and GDI update still and i cant find them. i downloaded GDI+ but it still says that. can someone help me out?