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  1. Hi, can someone help me with an installation problem, please? I haven't previously had trouble, but on a different computer I get the following error during installation, and can't continue: Cheers
  2. Definitely XP's Start Menu. Familiarity, plus usability, plus looks. Why they brought back that horrible scrolling menu for Vista I'll never know.
  3. DVDFab Platinum does a great job. And its interface is nicely designed and easy to navigate.
  4. Great utility But I tried to install it on another XP Pro SP2 system and though it seemed to install okay, it seems to have uninstalled itself and I ended up with the "HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\jarfile\shell\uniextract" error (as mentioned here) on subsequent reinstallations. Any suggestions, please? Cheers!
  5. I don't know the cumulative size of all the updates without using AutoPatcher, but I'm sure there's not a vast difference. Any slight difference is offset by the convenience of installing all the patches automatically in one go instead of using Windows Update or one by one from stored patch backups. (I have 234 Hofix(s) installed at the moment.)
  6. AutoPatcher isn't outdated; following a Core release, there are monthly Updates every "Microsoft Patch Month". Easy to use.
  7. Agreed. The Ribbon makes a nice change (and something new to learn) after so many years of the same-old-but-good Office It would be good, however, to remove the annoying Styles module and replace it with something custom - easily.
  9. Me too - I hope this project is still alive and in development
  10. The Domain “updatepack.nl” is not available. Me too
  11. The last time I was excited about Internet Explorer was back in the days of IE5 (IE 5.5 + Internet Tools... woot!); back when I first really got serious about using and learning about the internet. But I've been using Firefox since 2002 and never looked back to IE, which only ever gets used to test web sites.
  12. Thanks for the recent update - I'm using the Micro edition. I really really appreciate the work gone into stripping down the (now) bloated Nero to something more useful 190 MB for the latest Vista-compatible version??? wtf...
  13. Hi, I'm looking for a mirror link for Nero Lite; one that I can resume with my download manager (LeechGet), or a torrent link. I have a dial-up connection and the dsm-live.com link drops out during its download. Cheers!
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