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    i need to sit down
  1. watch your browser move.

    there's always one!
  2. watch your browser move.

    this should work with most browsers. here
  3. Snapshots Taker

    what's wrong with the "print-screen"button? nice one sed,you beat me to it.
  4. Those wacky Canadians

    nice one piaqt.lol.
  5. sex for dummies

    very good. :sex
  6. XP Startup Sound

    start> control panel> sounds and audio devices> sounds tab,it's in there under "start windows" have fun
  7. Linux Downloads FREE

    nuf said. cheers.
  8. Linux Downloads FREE

    never having used Linux before, i have a question. is it possible to install it on an XP m/c with an option to run either XP or Linux at start-up? i would like to learn a little more about Linux. cheers.
  9. How can I do this to pizza?

    just glue the lids down.(that'll p*** em off)
  10. Show Yourself!

    i'm a plastics fabricator by trade(16 years in the trade) i was making an acid lining tank(line a metal tank with the plastic one i was making,then fill with acid.)
  11. What do you pride yourself on the most?

    i'm able to say "bollocks" very clearly while burping. give it a try. i'm now working on the alphabet.
  12. "get ya coat,you've pulled"
  13. Show Yourself!

    seen as you have gone to the trouble of displaying them,i thought it was about time i put up one of myself.(believe or not,i was actually working when this one was taken)
  14. only a redneck.......

    nice one MK