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  1. Can you log in with both users? Are they both password protected?
  2. hmmm like the above poster stated, its looks like an Explorer problem. When does it happen? Open task manager and keep it on top. Click on the processes tab and watch the activity. Watch explorer.exe for CPU and Memory usage. Check the event logs also.
  3. I use ERD and it now comes as part of MDOP. There are other tools out there that will do it. It makes me laugh about security, when I can crack anyones Window password in a matter of seconds. No machine is safe with local accounts.
  4. Why do you want to Shutdown the computer during startup? At this stage the computer is applying a lot of information and altering the reigstry in the background, loading user profiles and applying computer and user settings.
  5. Windows has never been great on backup. I use Ghost for all my backup procedures. Make a decent backup and recovery plan. i.e backup the image to another drive on your pc. Store another copy onto another physical disk. Disks are cheap and a decent 250Gb - 500Gb disk can hold a lot of images. If you need to restore your PC just use the local drive copy of the image, or if your hard disk has failed insert a new disk and restore from the image stored on your second disk.
  6. I have a MCDST cert on XP and support a network of 3000 users. Our machines can handle Vista but we are holding out for 7. I used 7 when it first became available on MSDN and on looks it was a tweaked version of Vista. Maybe I need to have another look at it but I still think they are going to have a problem converting me. XP to Vista was a big leap, but Vista to 7 ???? Convince someone that has just paid £280 for Vista Utlimate to spend another huge amount to go to 7. MS are going to have a problem here. The majority of people with Vista could hold out from change until they get a new PC. i.e 2-4 years. Remember people have only just gone to Vista by purchasing new hardware in the form of a new machine. So they don't want to have to now buy a new O/S. Maybe the only people that will initially purchase 7 are those that have held off from going to Vista and are in need of a new PC.
  7. I have used Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP & Vista. If you want my honest opinion, the O/S that has been the most stable for me is Vista. Why all the bad press about Vista??? I am using Vista Ultimate X64 with 6GB ram and it is solid. Vista has been outstanding so what went wrong? I do believe the only people that have had problems with Vista were the ones that couldn't get used to it. People don't like change so their first reaction is to complain. So how is MS going to convince me to shell out more money to go to 7 ??? Isn’t 7 just a rebranded, modified version of Vista.
  8. I,m not Vista bashing in general. But MS have to look at what they are doing. They are creating operating systems for dumb users. Pardon the expression but its a fcu king pain having to work with something like Vista in the real world. And this is the reason why no corporations are embracing Vista. Of the few Vista machines we have trialed not one of the students or staff have used any of the extra junk!! The majority of people just want to login into a pc, surf online, work with word and view pictures. Now when I have to support these O/S's I have to troll through piles of rubbish to get to where I want to be. eg: UAC which is the biggest pile of rubbish. Networking and Sharing Center Activity Animation etc etc It should be simple point and click to get to where you want to be. Windows 7 should be decluttered and we dont need 10 stupid versions of an OS
  9. WOW they spent millions on that rubbish worldwide wow!!! Microsoft media brainwashed think tank. Sack the marketing idiots and lets get back to what Windows should be. An operating system that is stable, uncluttered but still requires a high degree of support for novices and hobbyists. I dont want to see fancy glass icons and single click operations for 12yr olds. Its like they are making Windows for Dummies. Hey thats a good idea for the Sales and Marketing bods in their lavish offices. Two versions of Windows 7 Windows 7 for Dummies Windows 7 for Pros
  10. Use UltraVnc. Its a small remote access utility. Just install the Server on your laptop. Then install the viewer on the machine that you want to view from. Connect using the IP address on the machine that you want to view. Its pretty straight forward to use.
  11. I,m using Vista Ult sp1 X64. I quite like it and find it very stable. The only problem that I seem to have is with certain components in 64bit version of IE. So to get around this I use the 32bit version of IE. I decided to take the step when I built my new PC last month. All I would say is make sure your machine can handle it and you should be ok. Here are my pc specs Intel i7 920 Gigabyte UD5 MB 6GB Corsair Tri Channel DDR3 RAM 1TB Samsung Drive ATI HD 4800 Series My CPU load sits at about 3% and RAM 40%
  12. I,ve worked with Windows since 95. I consider myself to be an adequate user being a System Admin of over 2000 machines. The problem is that I am hacked off with MS tinkering with their products. They dont listen to the consumer and they are bundling the software with needless rubbish. Vista is a killer on resources that required most of the population to purchase new pcs!!! As an organisation we are sticking with XP for now or looking other alternatives. MS need to stop making an id*** proof O/S!! By doing so they are introducing so many confusing named, here today gone tomorrow components. They need to have two versions of Windows 7 like XP. Home and Business How many silly versions of Vista do we have now!! Windows 7 needs to be stripped down and decluttered of the bundled rubbish that came with Vista. We also need to go back to simplicity and if home users cant get to grips with their O/S then they should do the following. Use supplied Help. User forums like this. Consult a IT Technician MS Support MS are killing the IT industry by making these O/S's that do absolutely everything. We have kids putting ads in the local papers these day calling themselves IT pros for hire!! Wages for jobs have dipped and companies dont value IT pros. Basically MS need to listen to consumers at all levels. Or the likes of us Support personel are going to be the thing of the past and we are all going to be out of work. Its hard enough now to earn a living doing this, when there are home bods charging £5ph to come out and fix someones machine. Or a company that can employ people for half of your salary. I know this is a rant, buts its my livelyhood as well as hobby. So how can I contact the MS Windows 7 team? Thanks
  13. Hi can someone please send me the .ima file. My email address is murk20@hotmail.com I,m using GHOST 8 and Nero. And I cant get this to work. Do i replace all the text in the AutoExec.bat with? @echo off MSCDEX.EXE /D:tomato /L:R SET TZ=GHO+08:00 prompt $p$g MOUSE.COM for %%i in (r:\*.gho) do set image=%%i echo Loading... \ghost\ghost.exe -clone,mode=load,src=%image%,dst=1 -rb And what are the only files I need to put in my floppy image?. There are lots of files on Win98 Boot Disk and I dont know which ones I do and dont need. Additionally will these pick up all my CD\DVD devices?? Thanks

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