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  1. I got about 1000 or so computers I need a whole list of applications installed on. My program runs at the computer startup (so under system) through group policy. There are some applications that require others but do not want to install unless the computer has been restarted. As an example you can't install Office 2007 with an old version of Windows Installer, though if you install the new msiexec you must restart first before using it. It seems you can't restart until winlogon.exe has finished configuring the computer and is at the login/alt+ctrl+delete screen. I've got a tip from someone that a domain admin has more privileges then the local system and is able to restart the computer remotely. Haven't tried it out yet though.
  2. It seems I cannot restart the computer during the startup scripts before the login screen. On XP is there any solution for this? I'm trying to force a shutdown during the startup process. Windows just doesn't want to do anything. No error, nothing. I tried doing it remotely with a 30 second countdown and when the countdown finished nothing happened. Looks like the shutdown process just got canceled. A simple "shutdown -r -f -t 00" does not work. Neither does "psshutdown \\thecomputer -f -r". I'm not using these ways but they should at least work. http://i28.tinypic.com/2s1aptw.jpg thanks

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