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  1. Add your sata controllers driver to your installation disk either manually or with nlite.
  2. Had to get it working so just bought a new card (Silicon Image 3512)
  3. Hello, I can't get windows server 2003 to install on a silicon image 3114 (startech version). When I include the BTS driverpacks it sees the hard drive in the installer, but the second part of the setup fails (after reboot). If I add the newest driver via nlite, it sees the drive, installs but when I boot it gets the same BSOD (0x0000007B). Using the driver off the disc I got (from 2003) doesn't even see the disk in the install. I would use a floppy drive but I don't have one. Any ideas?
  4. You only need to be twelve to get a bank account in the U.K. from Halifax and probably a few other banks.
  5. I added it after install, got it down to 75mb total now. Nothing left to do with it so I'm gonna not bother with it any more You have got a point though about going for efficiency, when I do my normal images that is what I go for.
  6. I had a idea just a moment ago, why not have an option to remove all the unneeded directories that end up in the windows directory e.g. all the language directories in system32 except 1033 if your using English as the others aren't needed. Same with the ime,mui,srchasst,help etc. If it is possible of course, I've only ever removed the directories I don't need post-install rather than editing the install image.
  7. Linux was wrote from scratch by Linus Torvalds, it did follow the same POSIX standards as UNIX to make it compatible with UNIX and a similar file structure but the code was completely different.
  8. Removed basically everything in nlite, then removed a few other DirectX dlls left behind and replaced winlogon for minlogon. I'll post the config when I get access to the computer I did it on. Yea, it isn't anything new but just got back from hospital so have to stay in a for a few days and got bored Also, I forgot to say about disabling the page file and hibernation as that removes around 1GB from the drive. I was thinking about leaving in essent and the database support as they are only 500kbish each. Merry christmas to everyone
  9. Hello, so far I've managed to get my XP install image to 89MB and the actual install down to 265MB with only two services running (Plug and play and RPC). It currently takes 4 seconds to boot but I have not optimised it properly yet, except from minlogin (which does help and means oembios.bin could be deleted) Screenshot attached below: Edit: Forgot to say the PF usage just after boot is a lot lower (24MB) and as you can see it is in VMware.
  10. Just use the alternative framework, what I use and it works great.
  11. If you need to disable register globals just for your own domain then just add the following lines to .htaccess: php value register_globals Off If your hosting service is using a CGI based PHP you may be able to add "register globals Off" to a new file called php.ini
  12. Well, even your ISP blocks some sites and fair play with him serving advertisements on un-routable addresses, everyone needs to make money to run their service.
  13. To port forward don't worry about your external IP being static, it just your internal IP staying the same that matters. As then the rules would not be correct.
  14. Tor is a good option. However personally I would not do anything through http proxies due to the problem of the owner being able to see everything you do. That is why I use Tor, everything is encrypted between each node.
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