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  1. That's not Linux' fault, though, it's the card manufacturers not wanting to share information for an open-source driver or making one themselves.
  2. It's interesting to note that Linux fans never say why Linux is so good and why it is the future, except that it's free. I don't know what I would gain that is so revolutionary that I'd abandon my old box.
  3. Yet I'm sure that, say a year ago, when Windows 98 was still supported, it wouldn't have made a difference to you.
  4. I tried NotepadEx, and I think I like it. I'm very sensitive to change, though, so it'll take some getting used to. I disabled the status bar, the automatic wrapping, and automatic indentation. Then it works exactly like Notepad. One small complaint, though: just like the original Notepad, when you try to save a file with an extension that isn't registered, it'll always append .txt
  5. Is there no one that has knowledge of this? I would imagine at least MDGx would know something.
  6. On my Win95 system, almost everything resides in Windows\System. It makes me wonder what purpose Windows\System32 has.
  7. They came into existence not for speed, but to keep a system up. It's corporation hardware. That's just sad.
  8. You might enjoy this MozillaZine thread. Looks like I'm insane.
  9. So, you're saying, in other words: "Don't open-source it!"?
  10. Multiple core/CPU architecture is just the latest hype wagon. Those idiots just have to commercialise everything and push it on the home user. Some things should stay in the corporations. Multiple CPUs exist primarily to keep your system up. The idea is that when one CPU dies, the other can still continue running the system. Multiple cores is like having two CPUs in one. They did that because they didn't see how to make the single-core CPUs faster, even though they already are fast enough for everything. It's part of the perpetual upgrade cycle. They want you to keep buying their newer processors. Then they advertise those dual-core CPUs as being twice as fast, even though an additional CPU only means an increase of 50% at most.
  11. More often than not people are upgrading because the newest Windows doesn't run smoothly on their setup. And since he/she said everything runs fine, well... I don't see why he should upgrade. If you do extensive photo/video editing, you'd be better off with a Mac. Game consoles were designed for games, personal computers were not (though I admit there's sometimes the odd game you can/want to only get on PC). Also keep in mind that more video RAM isn't always justified. Game developers get paid by nVidia and ATI to optimise their games for their latest video card. 128 MB and higher are absolutely unnecessary when the same game could run fine on a 64 MB or even a 32 MB video card. Just look at the oldblivion patch for Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. All it does is flip some switches that enable the game to run great on 32 MB.Effects matter, not RAM. Gaming on computers is just another facet of the perpetual upgrading cycle. At the end of the day, you don't run more efficiently at all. You just had to pick the most advanced things that a computer user could do, didn't you? Please note that when it comes to upgrading and system requirements, I often think of the simple home user, not a techie.
  12. What for? If your system runs great, there's no reason to upgrade. Since you don't install newer versions of Windows, you're free from the perpetual upgrading cycle brought forward by the ever-increasing size and requirements of M$' products.
  13. BenoitRen

    98 to ME

    Of course it would go fast on that setup. It's way more than the system requirements of Win98 SE, its brother.
  14. This isn't a M$-only world. It never was, and by the looks of things today, it will never be. Office 2007+ documents? Many are switching to the OpenDocument format. Media created for WMP 11+? Codecs are available, the only difference is DRM. Just boycott it. Burn CD/DVDs with Nero 7.5+? Why should we do that when the older versions can still burn the same discs? This doesn't make sense. Websites optimised for IE7+? Open source browsers are gaining popularity, and web sites that optimise for only one browser should be boycotted.
  15. Bah, this isn't religion. I'd at least put Linux on it.
  16. Funny you'd ask that, since you gave a couple reasons above yourself.
  17. I asked about the same question a month ago, and then no one responded. >_<
  18. It's known that M$ shipped system updates with its browser, so that you were forced to become a user of it. I would like to know what updates were shipped with it that were not parts of it. For example, IE3 shipped with CryptoAPI. IE4 came with a SHELL32.DLL that fixed something according to MDGx' site, but since it also came with the craptacular Active Desktop shell, I'm worried that it will have side-effects. At the moment it seems to me that it's mainly cryptography updates being shipped with IE, which I need because that seems to be the reason MSN Messenger 5.0 doesn't sign in. Note: I fooled the application into thinking IE is installed by registering IE 9.99 with PROtab.
  19. I'm assuming that the latest Flash doesn't work under Windows 95, just like Sun's latest Java Virtual Machine doesn't (at least it doesn't want to install). None. Your browser interacts with the website's code, not the OS.
  20. Notepad's great for writing HTML. I don't care that it doesn't do syntax high-lighting.
  21. I don't know, Java Virtual Machine support for Win95 stopped several years ago. And it won't solve my Perl problem. I'll probably try Cygwin next. It has a Perl distribution.
  22. About one month ago I decided to reinstall printer sharing. I had removed them before after some time because I couldn't get it to work anyway. My WinXP laptop can use the printer fine, but the other computers still can't. Getting only those computers to acknowledge each other isn't working either. Windows networking is such a pain. I checked everything, and the settings are the same, etc., but no dice.
  23. I received a 512 MB USB stick yesterday, and tried it out today with Nathan's drivers. As far as I can see, they work fine!
  24. What kind of s*** is this? The Internet is platform-agnostic! If you're talking about things like Flash, well, they're proprietary, and not in the spirit of the web.

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