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  1. I get "NTLDR is missing", but I still have to try to recreate the CD.
  2. It would be a lot easier for me if all changes to the original source were stored in one preset. If I would like to start over, I now need to pick an early preset for the components and a recent preset for all other tweaks that I applied later. Kinda annoying...
  3. Anyone figured this out yet?
  4. Ok those are nice, but I don't want to recreate my UA XP CD every time there is an update to the driverpack. That is why I want the drivers on a seperate CD which is also fully automated, unattended. Any ideas?
  5. I would like to create a CD that installs all unknown hardware devices for a specific range of computers, fully automated. The idea is that a user has a fresh Windows XP install and is missing a few drivers, for example for the graphics card (missing ATI drivers). The CD should then be inserted and, probably using some sort of application, Windows should install all the missing drivers from the CD. The CD will obviously contain a load of drivers for the range of computers it is designed for. This application would require some sort of interaction with the Windows API, initiating a driver scan for all uninstalled hardware devices. Does anyone have an idea how to do this?
  6. Try changing the ACPI settings in nLite, make it match the destination system. Dual core pc's require different ACPI settings if I'm correct.
  7. You seriously deserve a statue. Thank you very much for that solution, I had this problem for months. Eh, not yet. It still isn't working for me. When I replug the mouse and keyboard after the unattended cd is finished and reboot, I can't use the mouse and keyboard at the welcome screen.
  8. I have this exact same problem for months now. This is a serious issue which needs some attention. My first test without removed catalog files was unsuccessful... I do use a custom logonui.exe, could that be the cause?
  9. http://www.jsifaq.com/SF/Tips/Tip.aspx?id=570 Download NETUSER.EXE
  10. But I want users that DO have admin privileges, DO have a password but that DOES NOT expire. It should be a checkbox for each user, in nLite.
  11. In what version will that be then?
  12. You seriously deserve a statue. Thank you very much for that solution, I had this problem for months.
  13. It is not in nLite, I use a DOS command to do that.
  14. You could have a look at the C:\WINDOWS\setup*.log files. Another thing to look at would be the ACPI settings, the Computer Type field in nLite. I problems with that if I had that on the wrong settings.
  15. Using a DELL here too.. seems like it's a DELL problem then? I'll have a look at their forums..
  16. That's one of the wonderful Vista features, a search and run box in one. It's awesome.
  17. Scenario: 1. Install system using unattended CD. 2. Unplug all cables from the system. 3. Replug system, but insert USB mouse and keyboard in different USB ports as the one they where in when installing the system. 4. Boot system. 5. Select a user account in the Windows Welcome screen... Problem: Mouse and keyboard do not respond. Is this common for Windows XP SP2 or is this a problem with my hardware? The same happens when a different keyboard or mouse is used, while they are in the same port as the keyboard and mouse where when I installed the system.
  18. I have added 2 users, user A and B, to my setup. I have worked with this setup for a long time now. Today I used a new installation source to upgrade it with the new RyanVM update pack. When I load my old Last Session it now messes up the users. The first 2 are always Guest and Administrator for which you cannot change the user group. Now my user A and B are the first 2 for which the user group can't be changed. Also the Administrator account is not visible anymore, so I manually added it. Now when I run the installation it creates only the Administrator and A account and the A account is the Guest account with just a different name...? Weirdest thing I've experienced! Anyone got an idea?
  19. How would I use that in RunOnceEx.cmd? Can't use multiple quotes in a REG ADD line... Solution: SET KEY=HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\RunOnceEx REG ADD %KEY%11 /VE /D "ATI Catalyst Control Center" /f REG ADD %KEY%11 /V 1 /D "%SystemDrive%\install\ATICCC\setup.exe /S /V\"/qb /norestart\"" /f
  20. When applying this method I get an error that ISScript.msi is not installed or something. Google says that this is because I did not run the install by starting setup.exe but directly using the .msi. Any solution for this? Solution: SET KEY=HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\RunOnceEx REG ADD %KEY%11 /VE /D "ATI Catalyst Control Center" /f REG ADD %KEY%11 /V 1 /D "%SystemDrive%\install\ATICCC\setup.exe /S /V\"/qb /norestart\"" /f
  21. Could the topicstarter update his first post? Some images are missing, step 9 doesn't clearly state we are making a new text file and where does the .msi go and where do the other files go? It seems as if all the files go in the archive and a 2nd copy of the .msi is also placed outside the archive...?
  22. I am working on a XP CD that preferably should work on different hardware configurations. What would be the best choice; using nLite's integration method or making some sort of driver storage as described here: http://unattended.msfn.org/unattended.xp/view/web/34/ With storage I mean creating all the maps mentioned on that page (00_chipset, 01_graphics) and filling it with different types of drivers/inf files.
  23. I would like to make a sort of Welcome Screen with USB token support. It must have a nice interface with some big buttons and stuff, just like the normal Welcome Screen, but I want to integrate USB token support in it. Is this possible? I know you can add token support in your own GINA.dll but can I make my own Welcome Screen too?
  24. Problem was the type of pc set in nLite. When I set it to Multi cpu ACPI it works perfectly.
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