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  1. edit your boot.ini file (its hidden) and you will see a switch that says /noexecute=optin change this to /noexecute=alwaysoff
  2. alright, but it did fix the issue, why then?
  3. it would appear we are spot on, this causes driver recompression which in turn causes it to hang and not install drivers silently for USB devices, however, once logged in it wants to finish driver installation
  4. I'll give it a shot I'll redo my nlite CD today and leave that page out altogether and see what happens. Also to add info to the issue, it doesn't matter if I use integrator to pull your pack in or if I let n-lite do it.
  5. I'm having an issue similar to the user in another post, where an n-lite custom installation will not autodetect USB devices at the logon screen or run thru the wizard automatically. This affects my most common hardware peripherals like Mice and Keyboards and has quickly become a pain in my side as I would really prefer to use my n-lite CD. It really becomes a problem when you've ghosted 30 computers off of one hooked to a KVM then you go to deploy it and you plug a mouse and keyboard right in and they won't work because it insists on running the found new hardware wizard with a user logged in, someone want to figure this one out? tom [Main] Env = 1.0 RC7 - 2.0.50727.42.Microsoft Windows NT 5.1.2600 Service Pack 2 Target = Windows XP Professional Sp2 - build 2180 - English (United States) [Tasks] Remove Components Unattended Setup Patches Tweaks Create a Bootable ISO Options [Components] ;# Applications # Games Internet Games Pinball ;# Compatibility # Compat01 Compat02 Compat03 Compat04 Compat06 Compat07 Compat08 Compat09 Compat10 Compat11 Compat12 [KeepFiles] msconfig.exe [RemoveFiles] clock.avi [Options] ClassicSetup BlackSetupBack GuestName = "" AdminName = "" ProfilesDir = "%SystemDrive%\Documents and Settings" TargetPath = "WINDOWS" temp_dir = %USERPROFILE%\Local Settings\Temp AdvTweaks isovol = WinLite isoatt = -allow-multidot -no-iso-translate -relaxed-filenames -allow-leading-dots -N -l -d -D -joliet-long -duplicates-once -no-emul-boot -b boot.bin -hide boot.bin -hide boot.catalog [Patches] TcpIp = 10 UsbPoll = 125 DoSFC [services] Themes,2 StiSvc,3 AppMgmt,3 AudioSrv,2 CiSvc,3 ClipSrv,4 CryptSvc,2 ERSvc,2 EventLog,2 HidServ,4 HTTP,3 HTTPFilter,3 IpNat,3 NDProxy,3 NetDDE,4 NetDDEdsdm,4 Netman,3 PlugPlay,2 ProtectedStorage,2 RemoteRegistry,2 SamSs,2 SCardSvr,3 seclogon,2 SENS,4 SharedAccess,2 SysmonLog,3 TapiSrv,3 TrkWks,2 UPS,3 VSS,3 W32Time,2 Wmi,3 xmlprov,3 LanmanWorkstation,2 RasAuto,3 RasMan,3 RemoteAccess,4 IpFilterDriver,3 IpInIp,3 NwlnkFlt,3 NwlnkFwd,3 Ip6Fw,3 ALG,3 DHCP,2 DNSCACHE,2 PolicyAgent,2 NLA,3 LMHosts,2 Alerter,4 Browser,2 NetLogon,3 Messenger,4 RpcLocator,3 NtLmSsp,3 LanmanServer,2 [Tweaks] Explorer-Add 'CMD Shell' to all Drives and Folders Explorer-Classic Control Panel Internet Explorer-Disable Go Button Internet Explorer-Set Homepage-www.google.com Internet Explorer-Set IE-Cache limit to-200 MB (default) My Computer-Add Device Manager to Context Menu My Computer-Add Services to Context Menu Network-Enable Remote Desktop (XP Pro only) Privacy-Disable Driver Update Internet prompt Privacy-Remove Alexa Spyware Security-Disable Antivirus notification Security-Disable Firewall notification Security-Logon Page-Classic Speed-Disable Optimize harddisk when idle Speed-Use Windows classic folders / No Tasks Sidepanel Start Menu-Disable popup on first boot Start Menu-Do not use Personalized Menus Taskbar-Disable Balloon Tips Taskbar-Disable Language-Bar Taskbar-Disable Windows Tour popup Visual Effects-Animate windows when minimizing and maximizing-Disable Visual Effects-Fade effect on menus and tooltips-Disable Visual Effects-Show shadows under mouse pointer-Enable Visual Effects-Show translucent selection rectangle-Disable Visual Effects-Show window contents while dragging-Disable Visual Effects-Slide open combo boxes-Disable Visual Effects-Slide taskbar buttons-Disable Visual Effects-Smooth edges of screen fonts-Enable Visual Effects-Smooth-scroll list boxes-Disable Windows Media Player-Accept Privacy Statement [unattended] UnattendMode = FullUnattended DisableOem ComputerType = Automatic HibernationNo FirewallOff DisableSRestore MaximumDataStorePercentOfDisk = 12 DefaultThemesOff DefaultStartPanelOff ProgFilesPath = "C:\Program Files" [GuiRunOnce] [Drivers] [Hotfixes]
  6. I have this same problem except it extends to keyboards and MICE at the login screen! A real pain in the butt!
  7. 2kSP4 gives you the option of backing up your files before applying the pack. I would like to do this on XPSP2 doesn't give you a choice in the matter and does it anyway and I'd like to turn this off.
  8. Most simple way? If you are an administrator just \\computerip\c$\windowsdir\ and then find the exe's and delete them
  9. So are you writing an application to update a SP4 clean installed machine? Or a program to slipstream?

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