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  1. On my installation, 16/20 minutes, with: Critical atualizations as long to march 2008 KLite codec pack Messenger Live Java Vista sounds Note: In unattended installation.
  2. Maybe a DLL be the more single way to do, no??? I'm tryng by inserting a DrawRect routine at the code of explorer.exe, but I'm encountering some problems about to do the calls intro there; the routine "TrayNotifyWnd" don't have space to create a invoke..... The area is the rect lighten behind the icons in tray......
  3. I'm a newbie in programming, trying to do a little in assembly, and have a problem.... Need a way to apply a bitmap on the tray of windows 98, or just change the color of that. With source modify in assembly, I do this in the clock and the background of icons in notification area, but not in the background of the tray.... Anyone can help me?????
  4. Aero 98 Beta 2. Explorer buttons and startbutton in test..... Need help to create a dll, or other way to apply a wallpaper/grayrect on the notify icons area (On tray).... One of things I know about that is the routine CreateWindowEx, and the attributes of there.... But ResHacker or other don't give me access to that..... Thanks to Tihiy for the hexcode for the buttons of explorer... Now they're on 36x36px....
  5. Good work, man! My button and taskbar was modded with modifications on hexcode of explorer.exe, and the design of borders as a "flat" design on shadows/lights colors... Can you send me the Vista Icons?
  6. Wikipedia is your friend: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wtf Petr Thanks! Aero 98, still Beta.
  7. It's a beta.... The caption buttons will be modified, the start button ain't no completed, and the f***%ng tray notification area is my pain..... And the colors are just a test for visualization (Reduce the bright and contrast of monitors). I call "Aero" just because the taskbar, and 98 as obvious... This is the win98, remember??? Any sugestions for colors and caption buttons are welcome, but my target is the facility of use, with bigger buttons and icons.... You say this because you don't see my toolbar of explorer.... Is a confusion of buttons.... Ps- My english is very very bad.... What is WTF
  8. This is my beta version of "Aero 98" I'm trying to do modifications on code of explorer.exe to modify the tray area "Notification" to do the background at same color of clock and taskicons background, but I'm a noobie in assembly at this time.... But I'm go trying....
  9. Cool.... You're equaled the shadows/lights of colors??? Can I sugest to invert the scheme?? Do 3D highlight/Darkshadow as light colors and 3D Light/Shadow as dark colors....
  10. What's the version of your windows, please???? At last saturday, I started my hexediting modifications.... It's very complicated, too.... But I think give some good results.... Share happly my codes with others..... A little example....
  11. If any member need this, have "Eppie Desktop" and "Windows Make-UP"; apps to enhance the visual of the Win98 and ME, without eats lots of resources.... Have the source code of Eppie too, to programmers.... Send me a PM.
  12. MDGX, can I use your update with a WinME CD in portuguese language, to a Win98, in same language????
  13. Send the program, acessories archives, and the register key created by me, and a model of taskbar.... If you want, I can send the eppie desktop too, and the source code of this what I have... Good Luck!!! SP_2TB.zip
  14. Almost this.... At fact, I want to remove just the border of startbutton; if remove the border of all taskbar, the tray goes to appear "separate", in function of this not skinned.... If possible just this, goes to a great job.... If possible this, and rid off the borders of the other buttons (MsTaskSwitch) more more more.... If possible rid off this futile separators.... I love you.... Rsssss.... Sorry for the joke... Ah! If any programmer are intersting in dismount the "Taskbar Wallpaper" and try to skin the tray, or other function... I'll send to they happly.... Unnafortunately, I don't have some habilities in programming.... This is the most what I can do.... In the better situation, I can help with some reshacks.... I thing my works are a little good...
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