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  1. Vista unattended Guide

    I believe thats it is caused by you being as the administrator in audit mode. maybe this is restricting you from removing the programs that the administrator has installed?? just a thought.... also i didn't think you could get rid of the language selection at the begining of a vista install... when its white i know it has detected the autounattend.xml. when installing are you selecting that applies to all users or this account only? I believe you are correct, sir. I re-did my Opera installation specifying the ALLUSERs switch and it appeared in the Add/Remove. Odd since I never had to do that with my XP install. Go figure. Thanks, sir.
  2. Vista unattended Guide

    Is it normal to not have entries in your Add/Remove Programs after running the installation files from audituser mode? For some reason, my Daemon Tools and Opera entries are not present. The Start Menu shortcuts do not appear either. The only item which appears is the Sun Java. I tested the applications (Opera and Daemon Tools) and they work fine, it's just that their entries are missing from the Add/Remove programs and start menu. Is there something wrong with my installation files? Any insight would be a appreciated. Thanks!
  3. [discontinued] Winamp AudioPlayer

    I think there is something wrong with the Modern Skin Support or something. I cannot get MMD3 to work properly with your installer, but with the original it is fine. Any ideas?
  4. My XP-DVD has a lot of useful applications (Office 2007 + Visio + Project, Antivirus, VMWare, Nero etc etc..) The total file size is approximately 3.86 GB. I will be honest, and say that I did not optimize the Office install with the shrinker or anything. Vista is approximately 2.5 GB. Probably not enough for all my stuff on a regular DVD-RW. My question is, how are you guys getting around that problem of space constraints if you are encountering them? Reducing number of applications? Bumping to DVD9s (and not use RWs)? Perhaps even use an external USB drive for just the applications (If it was possible).
  5. I havent tested it. i don't use opera myself. My next thought is that UAC is blocking it. Try right clicking the installer and choosing Run as administrator. shark I turned off UAC. I tried running as Admin, but same result.
  6. I'm going to guess you are using Vista x64. At the time I created these installers the x64 file structure was unknown to me. If executing them on an x64 machine they will be installed to \Program Files\ but in reality the target softwares are located in \Program Files (x86)\ I'll create installers specifically for use on x64 machines when time permits. shark I am using Vista X86. Should it be working? I'll test it in a VM when I get a chance if it is supposed to be working fine.
  7. Just an FYI, the Opera Flash and Shockwave Plugins do not seem to be Vista compatible. The regular installers work fine, I have no idea why the switchless ones do not. Thanks a lot!
  8. [discontinued] Winamp AudioPlayer

    Greetings, A wee bit bored on Christmas Day so I browsed your Repository and noticed that you released the new Winamp 5.32. Unfortunately, I believe there is something wrong with the Modern Skin Support. The playlist skin (For MMD3) does not generate properly with your install, but it does with the official 5.32 install from the Nullsoft site. Just a head's up! Happy Holidays.
  9. [discontinued] Winamp AudioPlayer

    Thanks for the quick update to the install files!
  10. [discontinued] Winamp AudioPlayer

    I love this silent installed audio player, however WMA does not work due to the missing WMA plugin. I did a quick search on Google and discovered that you need to put in the WMA plugin and install the WMA codec. DJ Egg's post explains it all (Scroll down to see). I pieced together from an old Winamp 5.02 in_wm.dll (into the Plugins folder) and installed the older WMA codecs and my WMA's work fine. Just a heads up to those who listen to WMAs.
  11. [Release] SPTD driver v1.42 - x86 and x64

    Updated. shark Thanks for the quick update! Much appreciated!
  12. Just packaged Bsplayer ver. 139.829

    Thank you, Sir!
  13. ccleaner Version 1.27.260

    Thanks for the heads up. I went through BetaNews, and they didn't advertise the slim version.
  14. Acrobat 7 Pro + All updates Silent...

    Good work, Cman. I'm going to try it tonight. Thanks! Thanks for the links as well Nilfred.
  15. Nero v7.0.5.4

    I have not deleted any of the components, but I'm receiving the "Fatal Error" message as well. It appears to happen only when executing from the Administrative Install. Something goes wrong with the installation when the administrative install point is made with Nero