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  1. Vista Wireless issue (TC1100)

    I had the same issue earlier. Vista refused to identify the proper network that I use to get on the Internet, instead it dumped me on some "unconnected" LAN without a proper connection. Absolutly nothing had changed in terms of hardware/software, just *poof* and I had no internet access until two hours ago. How did I get it back? By reinstalling Windows XP. Otherwise, I have not the slightest idea why or how, and even less in regards to fixing it.
  2. Windows "Vienna"

    Dear God, if Vienna is anything like that, I'll shoot something. Why can't we just keep a 2D core desktop with several virtual desktops with several companions [Witness Gnome & KDE]? Furthermore, what is the point of purchasing Vista if Vienna will be released, theoretically, in 2009?
  3. Windows XP installed in under 256MB.

    Hm. "replaced winlogon for minlogon" I just ran through the 1.3 beta and I saw nothing about replacing winlogon. Am I mistaken?
  4. This may seem jarbled, please just accept it. Hello everyone, quick question. It’s nearly time to do a fresh install of XP, but Office 2007 Beta 2 /TR is proving to be problematic. [i don’t want ot burn them both to separate disks, lose them and find them again, and just waste perfectly good CDs] For some reason, if I choose to customize the install and remove the programs that I don’t want/need [i only use Word & Excel, and I do my PowerPoint in HTML, and Chandler is quite acceptable as an Outlook replacement] the setup has a heart attack and just dies. I’m left with two five hundred megabyte files [b2 + TR] and I only use two programs. Anyways, is there a way to merge both the beta and refresh files, and strip out the files for all the programs I don’t need [which are Access, Infopath, Publisher, Outlook, and PowerPoint] and just keep the Word/Excel files? Yes, I could just use StarOffice 8, or OpenOffice.Org for that matter, but I’m in love with the ribbon, and I actually do like M$ on some levels. Someone please help me?