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  1. Perplexing CPU problem

    Hi Idb, Hmmm, depending on your room ambient temperature it can! I have an average ambient room temp of 30c (86Fahrenheit) it's the sweaty tropics - lol! Here I have tested a variety of Northwoods particularly the 3.0 - 3.2ghz and when I am in the Bios, I would usually peep at "Hardware Info" - lo and behold I do get 40c-41c (about 107 F), (I believe you meant Degrees Fahrenheit as u mentioned 100 degrees without C or F, else had you meant C that wd have equalled 212 Fahrenheit! could boil water for tea there! If its really Celsius you meant then its time to junk the mobo. ) Continuing.. once I get into the desktop the 3.xghz Northwoods would settle to about 36-37C (98F), and if air conditioning is switched on they go down to the 31-33C's (88-91F). Incidentally I have always observed that being in the Bios, or in Dos, cpu temps *are* generally 3-4 C higher, but that pertains partly to the hot ambient temps I get here. Surely 98se doesnt have cpu throttling ability. Maybe better brains than mine can explain. Still, those are my figures for comparison. Just my 2 cents. Best! tee Charoen
  2. Perplexing CPU problem

    Hi Idb, Its perplexing allright! Whatever the problem is it would seem that it points either to the motherboard that has gone faulty for some reason or other, or just as likely the fact that you mentioned you got the cpu clocked to 2.133ghz from 1.6ghz. I am more inclined to guess that it's the latter, why dont you try clocking it back to the original rating and go through booting up to Dos again with the Usb drive attached. Watch if cpu temp climbs again. I have seen a fair share of motherboards/cpu's and I dont think that your having added more ram, or upping color depth on the desktop has a bearing on the issue. Try touching the heatsink the moment you have switched off the pc and if it's hot to the touch you probably would do well to get a better heatsink. Pentium Northwoods in my experience invariably run cool and when you touch the heatsink they are mildly warm but never hot. Even a well cooled P4 Prescott is much warmer than a Northwood when you touch the heatsink its attached to but it never feels so hot that you would move your finger away. Still, its a mystery and it seems that the Motherboard/overclocked cpu combo that has worked so well in the past is beginning to get flaky somehow. It also helps if you have a spare mobo to test with all settings identical, and see what voltages are reported in the bios. I would have thought overclocking requires one to step up the voltage in small steps and not stick to the original cpu voltage rating. Sorry cant be of more help. Gd luck. tee charoen
  3. What Video card are you using with Win9x?

    Hi Folks, As my motherboard (asus m2v) only has a pci-ex vga slot, I have been using a Sapphire Ati Radeon X300se pci-ex vga card and later upgraded this to a Powercolor Ati Radeon X850xt pci-ex vga card. They are great for gaming under 98se and had never given me any issues. The driver I use is Catalyst 5.8 as I found this best for my particular system. Unfortunately since Amd/Ati launched their Radeon X1xxx series of vga cards they cast 98se users adrift and afaik drivers for 98se has never been written for the Radeon X1xxx cards. Pity. Best to all the good people here! tee charoen
  4. Matrox & M-Audio -- both have Win 9x, XP, Vista Drivers

    Hello thydreamwalker, Thanks. If I get you right, you are saying that with, for example, say a new Intel P35/45 board, you first install any Win2k or Xp Os, and then copy from its System and Inf folders *the files* that are associated with the new motherboard to some holding folder, then install Win98se and copy these motheboard system drivers to Win98se System and Inf folders? Although with this approach one would have to do some detective work first and isolate those critical driver and inf files beforehand. Well, sounds probable - and worth a try although the final outcome seems unpredictable; still I suppose its worth experimenting, at worst one merely sticks with either Win2k or Xp that were first installed. You say you have done this with a newer graphic card and a lan card, but have you done this with a newer Intel mainboard chipset? Whatever, it would be nice to hear from anyone who's tried this graft and paste method - there may be something to it. Best, tee charoen member since 06
  5. Matrox & M-Audio -- both have Win 9x, XP, Vista Drivers

    Hi Holarctic, That's a good question and is anyone's guess. I've been thinking about *the chipset* driver problem myself on new Intel boards. Unless I'm wrong I remember there is a post somewhere on this forum where one adventurous member got some older Intel Chipset Drivers and installed it with a newer Intel chipset and he mentioned that 98se worked, although there were a couple of exclamation marks in System Properties, but that didnt affect the operation of the OS. Again you have to deal with Sata Hard Drives if these newer boards have dispensed with ide totally, some already have. Yet one member is able to run 98se on a Sata drive, see:http://www.msfn.org/board/Modern-motherboards-which-are-working-wi-t97588.html&pid=755928&mode=threaded&start=100#entry755928 That link dealt with a successful 98se install on a Sata drive but on a Via motherboard using Via's Raid driver, but whether the same can be done on an Intel board is moot. Your MatroxG550/M-audio/lan card would have no problems as drivers for these are available. One look at New Motherboards offered for sale on almost all if not all online shops shows a very grim picture as far as getting boards with 98se compatibility is concerned. And with Via quitting the chipset business it's really bad as they used to have chipsets supporting 98se; this probably leaves SIS - but I cant comment as I havent used an Sis chipset board before. Wonder if any forum members have views on this interesting topic. Best tee charoen singapore Hardware: Asus M2V, Amd64 X2 6400+ cpu, ide drives x 2 (320gb capacity), Pci-ex vga Powercolor Ati X850xt, Ram 2 x 512mb ddr2-800, 1 x Dvd-rw and 1 x Cd-rw,.
  6. 98 SE SP 3.32

    Hi there Celtish Many Thanks, for the link to your download location for 98se Beta 2. I have, unfortunately, never had any success whatsoever trying to download anything from Rapidshare. Gape's packages have always been excellent stuff and trouble free, at least for me, so I cant wait to install hie Beta2 package. Thanks once again. Tee Charoen
  7. RP8 for Windows 98SE

    >>snip And besides, what's the point of reviving Windows 98 this late in the game anyway? That's like bringing back my grandpa so he can live for another year just to die again! The inevitable is here. Windows 98 is on it's way out! No task force can change that! So, yes...it's time to move on, as you said! I had a great Grandpa, a great guy who had us in stitches whenever he came visiting, driving as he did then one of the few aston martins in this region ... and I would give a hand and a foot to bring him back *even* if it's for a year - I know he'll have enough humour to carry him gracefully forward when that year ended. Oh and there's more.... Indeed the inevitable is here: that w98se is here to stay - this surprised the hell out of my buddies whose eyes popped bigger than them goldfish-eyes I'll say when they saw it purring along on my desktop. You're damned right that no task force can change that but it took only a few Commandos from here who did what that damned task force couldnt do! Jeez am I a stickler for accuracy - apologies. Oh yes did I mention too that I agree tis really time to move on? umm lemme think? Yea - to Atari - now that will baffle even the boffins! Good day all! And... a Salute to all *The* Great 98se Commandos from here - we all know who they are but sure as hell the silent majority in this here forum do say thanksgiving prayers for them - you bet! t.charoen member since 06
  8. Can Win98SE work on this motherboard?

    Truly well said Clasys! Very informative write up there and with things that I didnt even know about viz. the benefits of using an add-on drive controller - something I may have to implement in due time. Didnt know till you pointed out that those older P4 Intel chipsets which used "application accelerator" did give native 48bit Lba support, no wonder 98se runs so well on one of those boards with a pair of 160gb hd's partitioned in 3 x 50gb partitions per hd. The Intel chipset in particular I'm referring to were the 845pe series - found them great performers for 98se. The 865pe series didnt use "application accelerator" but 98se performs pretty fine under them too. At the other end were the Via Kt-133 chipsets which ran 98se also rather decently though not as snappy as the Intel 845/865 chipsets; I havent tried the Kt-3xx etc series, but the latest K8t890 runs 98se in rather high performance orders. Still running 98se on a mix of Intel845pe/865pe Via Kt133/K8t890. Thanks for your great article Tony Charoen member since 06
  9. new computer with win98

    Hi Teddy123, I believe vbdasc is quite right that all those IRQ assignments in the M2V manual refers to those std irq's etc. I'm not that technically savvy and when I was assembling my M2V, I paid *no* attention to that IRQ list in the manual. If it will help this is how I put my cards on that M2V board: * Powercolor X800GTO Radeon on the pci-ex16 slot * Linksys Tx100 10/100 Lan card on pci slot 3 (your M2V manual will indicate which is slot 3) * Creative SB Live 5.1 soundcard on pci slot 4 ( as above ) I've got 2 pieces of 512mb 533 ddr2 ram on board and will add another 2 pcs tomorrow. and also bought an Audigy2 (new) to replace the sb5.1 ,nb: the Audigy2zs will also work under 98se. Since it was bought, the M2V has been running just over a year and 1 month, plus lots of pleasure running 98se at rather impressive speeds and responses, ymmv, however in fact I shall buy one more to keep as a 'just in case ' as fewer and fewer mobos are likely to support 98se in the near future from what I can see. hth tee charoen member since Sep 06 Btw: no need to use another processor to flash bios on the board. I'd flashed it to 1803 last month - just get the newest bios from Asus's site (1803) also get afudos, follow instructions in your M2V manual and you're done. 1803 allow you to use the X2 6000 cpu on the M2V board - 98xx will fly!
  10. To dspear, >The M2V manual page 2-25 says "Install Windows XP Service Pack 1 or later versions when using Serial ATA >drives." Can M2V run Win98SE from a SATA drive? How about an IDE boot drive with an SATA drive also attached? Sorry, elaborating on my 98se setup on the M2V mobo, I used ide in preference over sata . The M2V still comes, thankfully, with the 2 std ide slots of yore. I read somewhere on this forum that getting 98se to run on sata disks is possible, and involves copying an image of 98se from an ide disk over to the sata disk... search this forum if you're keen to do it. Hth Tee Charoen Newbie since Nov 06
  11. Hello There, Afaik W98se seems to be running pretty well on my Asus M2V with Athlon 64 X2. See an earlier post (scroll way down) here:http://www.msfn.org/board/Cheap_AMD_PC_Windows_98_SE_t86587.html&pid=586532&mode=threaded&start= It's over 9 months now that W98se's been running fine on this Asus M2V/A64 X2 board and the board is still available in shops as of this writing (well here in Singapore at least). So you can add this board to your database of 2007 mobos that will run W98se. Generally it has been pointed out elsewhere on this forum that boards with Via chipsets best supports W98se, yes even in 2007. Of course check with Via for drivers before you buy - however their Hyperion 5.10a drivers was what I used for my W98se and it works. But new Nvidia mobos is a gigantic no-no as far as 98se is concerned. Hth Best Tee Charoen newbie since Nov06
  12. Symantec/Norton CleanSweep

    Hi Plonkeroo, Seems that there are very few users of cleansweep around these days. Like you I have used the Quarterdeck(was a great software company) versions and progressively went on to the Symantec versions, stopping at Cleansweep 2001. I then install Norton SDystem works 2003 which integrates Cleansweep 2001 into it. From what I know the Symantec Cleansweep versions are generally buggy( corrupts themselves for no apparent reason) and from my experience when one of the problems you mentioned - i.e when "Main" kept popping up - there's scarcely anything one can do about it, perhaps better minds could solve that. However,what I do is to restore a fully functional 98se image that has no Symantec software (cleansweep, etc) pre-installed - then reinstall my Cleansweep 2001, System works etc. This I found is the only way I could get a corrupted Cleansweep to function properly again. Tedious but it works. Of course if you dont have an image sans Symantec software then its a long weekend to reinstall 98se et al - a fearsome proposition but..... Cleansweep 01 and all other Products from Symantec have become so invasive and perverse, if you could use that term, that I have stopped using them altogether save what I mentioned above. That said, Cleansweep is still a neat little utility but with little prospect of commercial gain - it's owners couldnt care 2 hoots about it. Best. Hth Tee Charoen member since Nov 06
  13. Anyone using Soundblaster Audigy value 7.1 in 98se?

    Chozo4 thanks for the link and advice, I've decided to get a Audigy zs now seeing as it's drivers work in your case. Best Tee Charoen
  14. Anyone using Soundblaster Audigy value 7.1 in 98se?

    Thanks Galahs, It seems clear now that the newer Audigys have zero by way of 98se driver support. Looks as if I would have to get a sb live 5.1 which I know has 98se driver support, or try to get a used Audigy 2 circa 2003 which also has 98se driver support. Best. Tee Charoen
  15. Hi Folks, I just got myself a 2nd hand Msi 865pe mobo with a P4 478 3.0e(prescott) cpu to run 98se, but I found the sound from the on-board Realtek audio a pain and want to get a new sound card. Question is whether anyone here happens to be using a Soundblaster Audigy value 7.1 in their pc, and whether the Creative bundled WDM drivers work under 98se? I know an Audigy 2 zs has 98se driver support but all I need is the budget Audigy value 7.1 I have been slowly upgrading 1 by 1 my antique circa 1998/99 pc's (7 pc's in all) to newer hardware and find less and less choices for soundcards which have 98se driver support. (Btw the newest hardware that still works wonderfully for 98se happens to be an AMD64 X2 platform, my experience of which I posted few months back, see: http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=82432.) So anyone who happens to use the Audigy value 7.1 card under 98se please, I would like to hear your experience whether it works under 98se. Thanks in advance to all replies. Have a good day.