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  1. does any anybody have any ideas on how to use this package??
  2. i download the open source off this site http://www.xpize.net/opensource.php which pretty much gives you all of the scripts and resources needed to compile the project.
  3. Yeah Topic description says it all. How can i compile the nsi scripts so it becomes an executable file because i'm having troubles compiling it, when i select the "InstallerSystemFilesFull" file and try to compile it, is shows in the error log !insertmacro: macro named "CheckOptionsPage" not found! on line 10 -- aborting creation process from that point i do not know what to do
  4. Hello i've been trying to download the source code for Xpize but all of the links do not work http://www.xpize.net/opensource.php and i am unable to download the source files, so if anyone has these files could they post it here thank you.
  5. Hey guys ive tried to do this "Install XP from USB AFTER Booting with PE from HDD or USB" method but for some reason it didnt copy any of the $OEM$ folder and it didnt use my svcpack folder, the steps are kinda confusing so has anybody gotten this to work with thier complete installation of xp with thier $OEM$ and svcpack folders working?
  6. hey guys im trying to change the xpize darkside logonui user account box because when you highlight it, it becomes yellow and looks weird with all of the darkness around it i have attached the uifile.txt and the two bitmaps to change. Ive tried to change the colors with pe explorer but when i save it and try to use it i get a value creation error and you have to modify the "rcbmp" which i dont understand how it works so if any one could help i would be very thankful UIFILE_1000.txt 113.bmp 119.bmp
  7. Thank you, your settings worked nicely
  8. Hello people, Im having some trouble trying to do the following Slipstream IE7 Slipstream RyanVM's Post SP2 Pack Xpize Darkside all of the above i can do but its these two that are giving me problems .Net Framework All-In-One with 3.5 SP1 Integerate WMP11 For some reason if i Integerate WMP11 .Net Framework only installs to v1.1 but if i remove WMP11 from the list .Net All-In-One installs prefectly so my question is there any specific order to put these programs or is thier a problem with one of my files??
  9. Hey people im having a bit of trouble i use to install .NET Framework via runonceex and XP installs perfectly, but i came across this file "DotNetFx_All_In_1_Addon_v2.1.7z" by ryanvm, when XP installs during the registering components section it says it cant find "medctrro.exe" i checked the i386 folder and the MEDIACTR.CAB file and their both there. is their any way to fix this problem?
  10. hey guys it there any way to install all of the .NET Frameworks at T-13 of the XP Setup because ive tried it with 1.0 1.0-SP3 1.1 (Made .NET Silent maker) 1.1-SP1 1.1-SP1 V2 2.0 (Made .NET Silent maker) 3.0 3.5 Full Version but it only installs 1.0 and the rest do not i have also put in these commands "\q and \norestart" any ideas?
  11. while trying to install windows to my ASUS eee pc this error always comes up and i dont know what it really trying to tell me
  12. before modifying my sysdm.cpl all of th information was there now aftering modding my sysdm.cpl it doesn't display. What file is used to display the processor information?
  13. Hey guys do you know how to change the text colour to white because its quite difficult to see. as you can see it is the disk check screen before you logon to windows. Thanks.
  14. How can i fix his so that it displays its original colors?
  15. Because i wish to change it to XP Professional Updated Ver, meaning that this XP Disk has all updates currently to date

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