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  1. How old are you?

    51 and give me back my CPM
  2. Windows 2000 SP4

    No Problem. Installed it first day it was available on Windows Update.
  3. Whats your ISP?

    RoadRunner for the last two years with 1.5mbits download and 400 kilobyte upload capability. Excellent and reliable. The $44.95 a month is a little excessive but having 3 computers on a router it works great.
  4. Saving Directly to CD-RW

    It is a separate application that comes with NERO. When you insert a blank CDRW, it should ask you whether you want to use NERO or INCD and then if you pick INCD it will continue to format the CDRW for packet writing.
  5. Saving Directly to CD-RW

    INCD is Nero's packet writing software and if you have a Mt. Ranier capable CD-RW it only takes about 20 -30 seconds to initialize and it is ready to be treated like a floppy. I use Version 3.34. which works great. The new version that is out 4.01 does not recognize my new drive and will not load anything.
  6. CDROM Won't Use DMA

    That was the initial problem. It would not change from PIO until it was deleted and reinstalled to redetect the hardware.
  7. CDROM Won't Use DMA

    Good call, Rik. I just love this forum. I had the same problem and removing the 2nd channel and rebooting fixed my 52x cd-rom also. It was a PIO 2 and changed to UDMA 2. Thanks for the info.
  8. 100% cpu usage

    You might check your antivirus settings. My settings got changed from default files to all files and it cut my harddrive speed in half and my processor was almost tripled.
  9. So Anyone Enjoy State Of Emergency?

    Snow? Is that the white stuff that is 3 ft thick on my deck since December? Good old Syracuse. :flowers:
  10. Looks Like We Go To War...

    I agree with Tinker. The one comment about Bush and election is Bush did not get the popular vote because the Democrats stopped the counting in most states of absentee ballots if there was no question who was winning the state. Most absentee ballots are from service people who voted for Bush. As a military retiree we know who the enemies of this country are Our enemies: Vietnam War -- Vietnam, China, US Media, US Democratic Party Cold War -- USSR, US Media, US Democratic Party Gulf Wars - Iraq, US Media, US Democratic Party
  11. FYI, I have been using PCPITSTOP site for quite a while and with a new machine I have been testing it quite often. I recently noticed that my PCPitstop was flagging my harddrives for slow transfer. I did not have this problem when I originally acquired the machine. I used the history function and found out when the problem had started. It was when I had installed McAfee's Virusscan 7.0. I disabled the program and reran the tests. Everything was back to normal. I checked the settings for System Scan and noticed that it was set for "all files." I changed it to the "default files" setting that I had also set on my old machine and re-enabled the program. My harddrive transfer rate stayed at the normal rate. I thought this was an interesting find and wanted to pass it on. w00t
  12. Cannot Sign Into Msn Messenger

    Getting the same response. Tried to check MSN status and that web page wouldn't even come up. All else is fine. Microsoft must be having problems with its MSN server.
  13. Hibernate and Networking

    The reason I use it is because a old 500 Mhz k6-2, coming out of hibernate is a lot faster than a complete bootup. IMHO
  14. Hibernate and Networking

    Has anyone had any network problems after returning from hibernation. My PC using Roadrunner as its Internet Provider will not reconnect if it has been shut down by hibernation. The only way to get back the connection is restart. Any ideas, because hibernate is useless if I have to restart anyway for my network to work. Thanks for any advice.
  15. It's tough being a man

    That was good! I had to email this topic to my daughter and my wife. Of course I will catch all kinds of grief after they get it. All well!