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  1. It is difficult to know where this request should go. If not here, please tell me where. In Windows 'Explorer...View...Details' there are 284 properties of metadata you can choose to display for the files in a given folder in ReadOnly format. Right-clicking on a file and choosing the Details tab displays a sub-set of 61 properties from that list of 284. For those that have Read/Write capabiltiry you can edit the data they contain. I would like to use some of the properties from Windows 'Explorer...View...Details' to store information about our photos. The idea is that when I send a family member copies of photos they can see the information in Windows Explorer. The properties I want to use are: * Subject * Title * Description * Rating * DateTaken * Dimensions * Size Location Street City State Country For those marked with an asterisk I have been able to find the necessary information (canonical name, etc.) to be able to read and write the properties. I cannot find what I need for the others anywhere. And I have looked. I have found the web page for MS Windows Properties, I have a copy of MS Photo Metadata Policy, GDI+ Properties, I can read and write to the properties used by MS Pro Photo Tools, I have dissected the propKey.h file and much more. I need help finding more information about ALL the properties exposed by Windows Explorer in Details View, especially those I have mentioned above without an asterisk. If you know of a Microsoft web page that might give me some information or another forum that might be able to help I would sure appreciate it. Thank you,
  2. Thank you DigeratiPrime for your response. It looks like Picasa3 will show the entire Caption only in Image view. Which makes it inconvenient to use. I will check out the other programs you mentioned. Thank you
  3. Thank you for your response. I tried what you suggested. That is basically the same thing you get when you place Windows Explorer in Detail View. I did a comparison between XP and Vista (Ultimate) Windows Explorer. XP shows 48 metadata items. Vista shows 268 metadata items. When Pro Photo Tool (PPT) v1 was first introduced I thought I remembered reading somewhere that in order to see the same metadata in XP Windows Explorer you had to install the latest Windows Desktop search. Unfortuneately I cannot find that piece of information again (if it even existed). Window Photo Gallery (WPG) will show the information I am interested in. It even properly parses out the PPT Keywords (Tags in WPG) using the semi-colon. If you right-click on the photo image and then click properties it shows the PPT Description (Comments in WPG) but just like Picasa it cuts them off without any way to expand them. Picasa 2 will show two pieces of the metadata I am interested in but in such a way as to make it practically useless. Picasa2 will show what PPT calls Keywords (Picasa also calls them Keywords) but insists on separating it out into one word per Keyword. Where I put in each persons name separated by a semi-colon (Alfred E. Newman, Albert Einstein) Picasa shows them as "Alfred", "E", "Newman", "Albert", "Einstein"). In other words they use the space as the separater and don't offer an option to use anything else. Picasa 2 will show what PPT calls Description (Picasa call them Captions), only displays what will fit in one line under the picture. Much of the information is cut-off. Hovering the mouse pointer over the Caption does not expand on it. So, the main reason I posted here was the hope that someone knew if MS had created anything that would make XP Windows Explorer show the same metadata that Vista Windows Exporer does. Thank you again for responding.
  4. Pro Photo Tools has been a lifesaver for us. My wife and I are into genealogy and are collecting family photos. Our problem was how to share those photos with the rest of the family and ALL of the information about each photo. For our use I had an Excel spreadsheet which associated the information with the photo file name. That information could include the names of people in the photo, where it was taken and the date of the photo. That information can be quite extensive. Pro Photo Tools now allows us to store all of that information into the photo file itself. Now when we send someone a picture the information goes with it. All the family member has to do is download Pro Photo Tools and they can read the info. However, there are some that want an even easier way to view the metadata. If you have Windows Vista you can also view some of that information right in Windows Explorer. The Description field from PPTools is displayed as Tags in Explorer Details View. This is even better because it requires less from the family member. HOWEVER, there is no Tags in Windows Explorer on Windows XP. I have read conflicting articles about how to fix this problem. On said install Windows Search, didn't work. Another said install Pro Photo Tools on XP, didn't work. If anyone knows if there is a way to get XP to show Tags in Windows Explorer I would be forever grateful for that information.
  5. I tried to download the .rar file but it just sat there. Never did download. I wen back and tried the installation again and ignored the errors. It installed and seems to work. At least it extracted the files from the Universal Extractor installer file. All of the errors seemd to involve chm. Looking back at the installed folder I don't see a help file. Is there one???
  6. I just downloaded and attempted to install the latest verson of Universal Extractor. I received the following error message: Error creating registry key: HKEY_CLASS_ROOT\chm.file\shell\uniextract RegCreateKeyEx failed, code 5 Access is denied Click to retry, ....... I tried running it as administrator but got the same message. I tried 'Ignore' but got repeated failures all different keys but connected to chm.file. Any suggestions???? By the way, this is a really great utility. In the past I had been doing it the hard way. I would run the installation, wait until all the files were extracted, find the folder in the temp directory where they had been placed, make a copy, and then cancel the install. Once I can get your utility installed it should be soooooo much easier. Thank you for a great utility.

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