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  1. Thanks for the welcome Sp0iLedBrAt! That was very clever (going to another forum to find out whether there are problems). I guess I have a question about that site: How official is Windows 7 Forums? What is its purpose? Is it a trustworthy source? Is darkassain a staff member or developer of the Universal Extractor product? I ask this for two reasons. First, anhtimmy does not explicitly mention that he is using Windows 7. Secondly, darkassain does not claim to be a staff member of Universal Extractor. In order for darkassain to implicitly confirm that Universal Extractor does work on Windows 7, there would also have to be an implicit assumption that anhtimmy is using Windows 7. Why is this assumption justified?
  2. Does Universal Extractor support Windows 7? I checked at http://legroom.net/software/uniextract and couldn't find any relevant information. Please help! If possible, could you please list exactly which operating systems are supported in the future? Thanks!

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