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  1. Here Holland. The hole world knows Holland is the land of the water and the bad weather ;)

    About 20 degrees the hole holiday (much rain, then I mean not 3 a 4 days without). I'm student and have seen now 7 weeks of holiday without weather to sim in the river. I say: NO day. Luckely are there also summers wihout rain and high degrees. The other side is that Holland the land is of the stability. Katrina's etc. forest-fires (come into existance by too hot degrees), tsunami's and earthquakes are never seen here in the history.

    So I think I prefer this.

  2. At first: thanks for reporting the bugs.

    oh, and the activation! very complex but all illegal keys are working!

    That's a lie. I had checked it.

    So my question is: why create all this crap?

    IT DOES NOT WORK PZROPERLY! maybe on computers like Acheron? At it's best

    Many people use software without problems, but don't report it works nice. Only some users are doing that. And as you at how many users reports bugs, not hundreds of.

    So my question is: why create all this crap?

    IT DOES NOT WORK PZROPERLY! maybe on computers like Acheron? At it's best

    Does he say it's perfect now? NO, he and we know it's not free from bugs now, but there are improvements by time. It's difficult work and he need us to test the software. (the configuration of Acheron's computer is not the the configuration of our computers).

    Can it be that You are paid by nero for all this trouble?

    Tested german version on vista and I see it works perfectly, no needless poping up windows, no mistakes at all.

    Why not to make the same ienglish version if You want to help users to get rid of ALL nero bloatware as You call it?

    You confer us good help? Give it by yourself!

  3. And here is the littlest DX9. You can this one also integrate with nLite.

    BTW the Dutch people are the lucky guys.

    An Updated Post-SP2 Update Pack & Updated .Net Framework 1+2+3 Addon & Updated Internet Explorer 7 Addon & Updated Windows Media Player 11 Addon. Al from one person and all directly integrate able to nLite or the Integrator. :whistle: I don't understand that at all. I was thinking much more English people so much better and more packs. So not in this way.

  4. Can someone give me a recently review for the most known defraggers. I know that its too difficult to say THAT defragger is the best, because its all about very difficult things, what most of us (included myself) don't understand. About features and defragging methods that are not displayed in the normal feature list of the homepage of the defraggers. And I know now that for one computer this is the best choice and for an other computer an other defragger is the best (no I'm not talking about prices).

    So I'm looking for a recent (because defraggers will improve always, new defraggers will come fast and other projects are dead) professional review

  5. Oke.

    But the commands on the first post are from an older version. I see only 9 components (maybe this switches are changed) and i count 20 components in the installer. Then i don't know the tasks for quicklaunchicon and start menu icons.

    And i know the commands are only located in the orginal ISS file. Not the unpacked one.


  6. Ok thanks! Now we have thee working links.

    Vista_Sounds.cab (Vista Sound Scheme 1.1 by owikh84 - July 30, 2006) 4,41MB - 33 Sounds

    Ricktendo_VistasoundsAddOn.rar (Vista RC2 & RTM Sounds 1.0 by zen62619 - Novembre 15, 2006) 6,13MB - 43 Sounds

    ProgramAddons_Vista_Sounds.cab (VistaSounds 1.0 by Rado354 - Novembre 14, 2006) 6,19MB - 22 Sounds

    Rado354 can you make now an addon with relative the littlest size and the most sounds in it? Information about the default sound scheme is included in the installer by owikh84.


  7. New update!

    Most important new option is the 'All-In-One' batch. This batch will help you with making your Silence of the Foxes: step by step. It is doing most things, you have almost only to say Yes and No. Garanted the most easy way! Keep in mind, that it's still BETA. For the other changes: read the changelog

    I can't support you for two weeks. I'm going in a couple of hours on vacaction with friends from Holland to Swiss. No good internet connections there :P

    @ Martin H: thanks man. Waiting for your Thunderbird support. But then i'm on vacantion as you can read above. See you and all others then.

  8. My Config.txt


    ; // Full silent install


    ; // Set environments

    SetEnvironment="Var1=\"%ProgramFiles%\\Mozilla Firefox\\firefox.exe\""

    SetEnvironment="Var2=\"%ProgramFiles%\\Mozilla Firefox\\extensions\\*.xpi\""

    SetEnvironment="Var3=\"%ProgramFiles%\\Mozilla Firefox\\chrome\\*fx*\""


    SetEnvironment="Var5=\"%ProgramFiles%\\Mozilla Firefox\\extensions\""

    SetEnvironment="Var6=\"%ProgramFiles%\\Mozilla Firefox\\chrome\""

    ; // Silent install of Firefox

    RunProgram="setup.exe -ms"

    ; // Set Firefox to default browser

    RunProgram="hidcon:cmd %Var1% -setDefaultBrowser -silent"

    ; // Silent install of all extensions

    RunProgram="hidcon:cmd FOR /f %%i IN ('DIR /b /a-d %Var2%') DO %Var1% -install-global-extension "%Var5%\\%%i""

    ; // Delete all unpacked extensions after install


    ; // Set Adblock Plus settings if exist

    RunProgram="hidcon:cmd FOR /f %%i IN ('DIR /b /a:d %Var4%') DO md "%Var4%\\%%i\\adblockplus""

    RunProgram="hidcon:cmd FOR /f %%i IN ('DIR /b /a:d %Var4%') DO copy "localized\adblockplus\patterns.ini" "%Var4%\\%%i\\adblockplus""

    ; // Silent install of unsigned Themes (not needed and set by default)

    ; RunProgram="hidcon:cmd FOR /f %%i IN ('DIR /b /a-d %Var3%') DO %Var1% -install-global-theme "%Var6%\\%%i"

    ; // Delete all unpacked themes after install

    ; Delete="%Var3%"



    I've converted my working CMD to your SFX. If I opens my created installer I get this error:

    Error in Line 18 of configuration data


    %Var5%\%%i"" is also not working.

    What I'm doing wrong?


  9. On Ryan's forum, then i read someone saying that he had tried to add a pause between the installation lines in his batch file and that this also didn't helped any, but if i don't hear anything else, then i will test this myself tomorrow also..

    Look at the first link in my post above. That someone is me :whistle:

    Use my installer or the command I use (check the Bin/Install.cmd in my tool).

  10. Time to gives an update for this very important program for the browser wich many of us use. Because SOF don't good supports the second version of Firefox is SOF updated to SOF2. Its supports all Firefox version 2 installers and is totally silent now. Also are many new features added.


    [Tool] Silence of the Foxes 2

    Silence of the Foxes 2 (SOF2) is a batch program which will try to help you make totally silent Mozilla based setup packages the way you want. I will add more features and fix the problems on request.

    Currently supports / Features:

    - All profile data: like bookmarks, cookies, (form)history, interface, preferences and usernames & passwords (more information in the Readme).

    - User data: like 'userChrome.css' and 'userContent.css'.

    - All extensions (will now install silently, also unsigned extensions).

    - Extensions data (like the filters of Adblock Plus).

    - Plugins: like Mediaplayer, Quicktime and Adobe Reader (description of all known plugins is included in the Readme).

    - Search-Engines: like Imdb.com and MSFN.org (latest is included).

    - Themes (unsigned themes can also installed silently).

    - Deletes the default (unneeded) extensions DOM Inspector and Talkback (optional).

    - Supports all Firefox 2.X.X.X versions.

    - Hole installer is silent.

    - Sets Firefox to default browser.

    - Don't show the Profile Migration Wizard first time Firefox started, by default.

    - Adds automatically default Firefox icon to the installer.

    - Adds automatically the right Firefox version number to the installer.

    - Adds 'user.js' to the installer, what means following things:

    * Don't load the Firefox homepage the first time Firefox started.

    * Don't redirect to the Firefox homepage after updating.

    You can add and delete entries in the 'user.js' if you want.

    Includes also:

    - 'FF-Remover': Removes all Firefox files and registry entries silently. Now you don't need an test system anymore.

    - 'All-In-One': A batch that helps you with making your Silence of the Foxes. You have almost only to say 'Yes' and 'No' he is doing all the other tthings. Garanted the most easy way!

    To Do:

    - Add data from more specific extensions, like the filters of Adblock Plus.

    - Add Mozilla Thunderbird support.

    - Improvements of the 'Firefox Remover'. (Possible can it brokes your internet-links).

    - Add the right version number to 'Firefox-Silent.exe'.

    - Full automated process.

    Known Issues:

    - The installer won't maybe install all the extensions at all time as subscribed here.

    - Windows/ Office Genuine Advantage plugins are not supported.

    Other Information:

    - Compressed with UPX 3.00 and P7-Zip 4.49.

    - The installer and the SFX are compressed on the highest ratio.

    - Used 7z SFX to 1.2 RC1 (build 715) to get more advanced installer options. (Take a look here for more options).

    I've tried to add an configurable INI to the installer, but it seems that Firefox don't supports that command line argument anymore.


    v2007.07.26 BETA:

    - Added 'All-In-One.cmd' to the installer (full automated Silence of the Foxes process).

    - Updated 7z SFX to 1.2 RC1 (build 715).

    - Full Install.cmd convert to the SFX.

    - Set Firefox to default browser bug fixed.

    - Deleted 'hidcon.exe' from package.

    - Minnor Changes.


    - Support for user data: like 'userChrome.css' and 'userContent.css' added.

    - Batch adds automatically the right Firefox version number to the installer.

    - Profile Migration Wizard bug fixed.


    - Initial release

    Read the 'Readme' for all the instructions and more information.

    Current version: 2007.07.26 BETA

    Latest version: First Mirror - Second Mirror

    Latest stable version: First Mirror - Second Mirror

    MD5: BA66F9F381642807B6B56D215D8F005C

    Size: 270KB

    Requires: Utility that can unpack 7-Zip archives



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