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  1. Hey! Thanks for the update man

    I've tested the new version and founds something

    At first I compress my unpacked driver with v2007.07.17.

    At second I grab the driver that I use now, with DriverGrabber from Siginet, and then I've compressed it with v2007.07.17.

    The maps were exactly the same except a few multilanguage files (not all multilanguage files!). I think this files will be used for the installation procedure of helpfiles.

    List of files:

    - nv3dNLD.chm

    - nvcplnld.chm

    - NVCPNL.HL_

    - nvdspNLD.chm

    - nvmobNLD.chm

    - NVRSNL.dll

    - nvwcpnl.hl_

    - nvwrsnl.dll

    You must know my current installed driver is also multilanguage and installed on the normal way. So if its normal that I miss these files, then they can removed with DrvComp also, or not?

    For a reason I don't understand I can't use this drive compressor to test of there are maybe other things that can removed. Maybe you can test it?

    I've looked into the inf files of several drivers. I think its gonna take a lot of time. The main problem is, how do I know what to change and what can be changed without messing up the installation.

    An other problem is that some inf files are written very badly. I have to come up with some code to detect all the registry settings in a lot of different inf files that are written by different programmers.

    I think i understand the problem in general. At first is hard to find the right regfiles (but that can the user do by himself) and at second it is often hard to convert regfiles to .inf on the right way. So I've searched and founded a program that can do that. Here is the Reg2Inf converter from n7Epsilon. The source code is included in the zip file, to make it easy.

    But its your program and time. Its just a linkage to help you.

  2. I need to do some experimenting with this. I know in general you don't need these files. But I don't know what happens if I remove them from the INF files.

    Take a look here. This batch file deletes unneeded helpfiles (of all: all options are optional :D ) and more unneeded files

    Interesting idea and probably not impossible. Don't know if it is usefull. The idea is to make 1 CD for several different PC's, with different hardware. I have to look into the default settings and see if I can come up with some tuning options / detection. But I will keep in mind that they have to work on other PC's as well.

    I have checked it and found all the settings of my sound driver in the register. So, that must not to be too difficult. Standard setting of my EAX-console is without Stereosurround. The sounds is without real crap. And the driver will be only installed for Creative Audigy SE Windows XP (Dutch) soundcards. So, if I had more pc's with the exactly that card and OS, I want on that pc surround sound. And keep in mind, give users choice with the optional option to integrate current settings. If you don't want; you don't get.

    DrvComp looks into the inf file and copies all files in that. Meaning, it uses exactly the same files as if you would get a popup from the auto install wizard and you point to a directory with the proper inf and install files.

    I've checked it and saw that every program has an apart folder and an apart inf file. That why the driver is so little. Now i integrate it in nLite in 4 parts. It would be nice if i can make it one, but yeah :blushing:

    If you don't want all the international help files from nvidia, use the english version in stead. If you compress this, you don't get all the unwanted helpfiles and it can compress to 8.56 MB (version 94.24).

    I think I need a Dutch Control Panel. :o

  3. Wow I like this very much. Its working on multilanguage drivers :thumbup

    From the readme:

    Copies catalog diles as well. Needed for WHQL driver signing. You don't need

    this if you have patched SFC.

    Thats mean to keep the WHQL driver signing?

    Maybe is it possible to add a functional option to the program to remove helpfiles from drivers. Most people don't use offline helpfiles.

    2th: this program would be perfectly if there is an option to add the current settings of your drivers (like device control etc.) to the compressed driver on an easy way. Maybe it sounds to hard.

    My 93.71_forceware_winxp2k_international_whql is unpacked 66 MB and compressed 20,7 MB.

    But my Creative SBA_PCDRV_LB_1_04_0061 is unpacked 64,8 MB and compressed 3,13 MB.

    Is this normal? Of lose I my Creative EAX-Console, Creative Soundssettings and Creative Device Control?

    Thats no problem if i can add my current settings for my sound driver of these 3 programs in the compressed driver as I say. ;)

    Thanks in advantage

  4. For WinRAR: Install a regfile before installing WinRAR like this one:

    Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

    ; Settings for WinRAR Icons on Desktop, All Programs and Start Menu

    ; Settings for WinRAR context menu

    ; Settings for WinRAR file associations





  5. This installer is without the long during last screen where the installer say: 'Optimizing performance for your system.' What means: 'Click on the PayPal button.' Because there is no optimizing. Also are the extra packages removed. At last is this installer a much more configurable, for example you can install an bureauaccessoires icon instead of the standard Windows Paint and the Dutch language file is included.

    Paint.NET [Normal]

    You can use this switches: (Disable a task through placing a '!' for that task)

    Paint.NET.exe /VERYSILENT /TASKS=jpegeditor,pngeditor,bmpeditor,tgaeditor,desktopicon,


    Other commands:

    /DIR="x:\dirname" (Default: C:\Program Files\Paint.NET)

    /GROUP="folder name" (Default: Paint.NET)

    /NOICONS (= Don't install a StartMenu Folder)

    Current version: 3.8 (Build 2708.22782) Final

    Latest version: First Mirror - Second Mirror

    MD5: 2C29E8C52D8CFB4671C26F113DFD1950

    Size: 1,63MB

    Paint.NET [by default Full Silent]

    Used Switches: (the tasks are default)

    /VERYSILENT /TASKS=jpegeditor,pngeditor,bmpeditor,tgaeditor,desktopicon,bureauaccessoiresicon,checkupdates

    Current version: 3.8 (Build 2708.22782) Final

    Latest version: First Mirror - Second Mirror

    MD5: C5393F9C3408B22AF423EF64D059D3D9

    Size: 1,72MB



  6. I'm for a few years in a MOHAA clan and can say you many players has your problem.

    There are different solutions for:

    Sometimes you must update your driver..

    Sometimes you must use this patch:

    Link removed

    And for some people is the reason:

    They use a resolution that's not supported by MOHAA :blushing:

  7. Foxit Reader - 2.0 Build 1316 (3,99 MB)

    This Inno Installer includes Dutch, English and German languages and it installs only the language of your pc.

    GDI Module for an higher quality for graphics, Help Documentation and a pluggin for Javascript Support are also


    Use the following command for a full silent install:

    FoxitReader.exe /VERYSILENT /COMPONENTS=HelpFile,GDIPlus,JavaScript /TASKS=desktopicon,quicklaunchicon

    Other commands:

    /DIR="x:\dirname" (Default: C:\Program Files\Foxit Reader)

    /GROUP="folder name" (Default: Foxit Reader)

    /NOICONS (= Don't install a StartMenu Folder)



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