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  1. Hi,

    I've a new computer with Asus P5QL-E motherboard. My Samsung Spinpoint F1 HD103UJ and Samsung SH-S223Q are connected trough SATA and where working nice. But I've also a (working) Philips SPD2411BD brander and Samsung SpinPoint P120 SP2514N HDD which I want to connect (throught (p)ata)). I've connected the components one by one to the motherboard and power supply (Cooler Master Real Power M520) but my computer (and BIOS) don't detect the hardware at all. Have I change some settings for using pata and ata components in a computer or what can the problem be?

    Thanks for the further help

  2. A year ago when there was nothing known in the English forums about 7zsd.sfx from Igor Pavlov (the script was there orginally in 2005), I've written here a tutorial. A few days after that 7zSD site was translated to English and that makes it populair. But the latest version of 7zSD from Igor Pavlov is from July 14, 2007 (1.2 RC1 build 715), then te code was optimalized with the source code of 7-Zip version 4.49 beta. Now a year later 7-zip is meantime by v4.60 and I saw in the extra binary package that 7zS.sfx and 7zSD.sfx (uses msvcrt.dll) are from august 2008.... so anyone know of the 7zSD from Igor Pavlov still is the best and the official 7zSD now also support more parameters?

  3. Hi elajua, thanks for doing this. I will test iTunes. Do you already know that with the 'new' SFX msistub not needed is anymore? Check my post here.

    Edit: I have the ipodservice add startup (don't have an Ipod at all), other things works well.

    Edit2: ohh no remember I the two standard windows I got when I started iTunes first time. One about the license agreement and one about the stopped bonjour service. Now I've to click on agree and OK manually, maybe you can automate this?

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