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  1. Hello, You don't have to use cables I transfer files between my 98, Linux, or xp computers with blue tooth dangles. It works quite well on win98SE. Blue tooth is much easier than the other protocols. whoops i just noticed you said not 98SE, Okay use a live linux cd rom as a temporary mesure most of the new major ones have blue tooth drivers. do the transfers boot back into windows 98.
  2. I had a 400 celly and a amd k-2 and the celly was a much better cpu for multimedia chores.
  3. Hello, Just to let you know, the latest Mozilla sea monkey browser works on windows 98, I alternate it with opera, works pretty well.
  4. Hello, I do happen to like win98 & winxp, however, on this computer a 1ghz P-III cpu 512meg ram rig, 98 is very fast and suits my needs very well. Ialso have a newer p-4 2.8ghz also running win98 and for video editing and music work as well, windows 98se does quite well, thank you. Some people have said that you can't run usb 2.0 on 98 err yes you can some motherboards come with the drivers. And of course there is windows xp on the rest of our computers.
  5. Hello, Okay I saw this subject a few minutes ago, fired up my 98SE computer with 6IE no problems. I use seamonkey or opera on my win98se computers and firefox and opera 9.5 on my windows xp computers. and there still are alot of sites that are 6IE friendly, but go with FF or OP anyway.
  6. Hello, It is definetly not the cpu, right now i am typing this windows98se computer running at 2.529ghz and it runs fine so that can't be the problem.
  7. Hello I also think this is a great site for all of us computer users. I use win98se almost everyday, depending on what computer i am using at the time. Half of my computers are 98ters, the others are xp's I like both operating systems. This computer can easily run windows xp, but it flat out smokes on windows 98 and it has a prescott cpu, known for running hot, well running windows 98se it's a little cooler and faster than xp. I know i had xp on it for a long while. Anyways i think this is a great site thank you.
  8. Okay here is my other problem with Linux as my full time operating system, where is ubuntu 6.06? mandrake 9.1? red hat 9? suse 9.2? and so on and on. With Linux, it is always move on, constant upgrade.Live cd use ? yes spare computer, maybe. For many of us, Linux seems like a play toy even RED HAT said lately that Linux on the desktop is TOO Hard. Now don"t get me wrong i think Linux should and will keep going and evolving, it is good for us who like computers.
  9. I think Linux has come a long way since i first used it five years ago, but i can't see replacing my 98 or xp on my computers at this time, however fedora 9 & ubuntu 8.04 might be coming real close.
  10. I have two xp & two 98se computers this celeron 2.6 luv's win98se yummm speedy. look on the web, You can still buy windows 98 new.
  11. I am using my 98se computer at this time
  12. Yes win98 is available, try trustprice.com others are out there google and ask.com
  13. java script:emoticon('', 'smid_17') the speed is not the problem, i've run win 98 on an 1.5-128 computer and i am sure i could get it to run on this "faster" comp
  14. the support is very much appreciated, ignore the losey comments on other forums.

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