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  1. the software is Melco EDS3 it's for embroidery digitizing. i have tried running it in 98 compality mode with no luck.
  2. i run a graphic CAD program that is made to run on 98. i can get an upgrade for it to run on xp and newer but it costs $1500 so i have been running it on my old hp computer with a 466 cpu. well a few months the MB quit. i got a newer MB but the cpu rins at 2.2 Gzh and i can't 98 se into it. 98 will install but se won't. i removed the ram so it's only 512. i can install SE but it just hangs up upon reboot. i can reboot in safemode. is there anyworkaround for this?
  3. hello i'm a retired engineer in florida i fool around with old cars. i just found a 58 desoto convertable sitting in a garage for over 30 years 5 miles from me.

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