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  1. hey nuhi thanks for reply, heres my present i attached it on bottom, i back vlite down to .9beta to see maybe its something with .95 and 1.0 heres what it looks like Last_Session.ini
  2. Sorry for another topic but seems i can get my camera to install, i tried making several different cd's and see if i can narrow down what making it not install but i can't. anyone have a idea of what is causing it not to install, works when i dont vlite my vista but when i vlite something is causing it not to install i get this error
  3. yea lol i redid my vista and kept game explorer its fine now, i dont get that error when i have game explorer and application gone, but if i keep application experience and get rid of game explorer i get that error, so i fixed it now kept both of them thank alot keep it up nuhi love this vlite seems like steam was the only ones, but game did run just had to hit ok and it loads just annoying when u try and start a game up or steam but its fixed now
  4. since i redid my vista and put back in application experience i get this error now when i try to load steam and any steam game to play, any ideas? first time i seen this error ever, figured maybe my copy got messed up but i did another one same results came someone check there system32 and see if they have this file and can possibly send me it so i can check if it works, dont know why im getting this error now =[
  5. hmm maybe ill vlite my copy of vista again tomorrow and find out thanks , anyone else know if it's application experience that causes this?
  6. hey, well seems that i dont have that tab no more, so im wondering if anyone knows what causes this on the vlite program, probably format after i figure out which does it , anyone know?
  7. heheh yes, lol love your work btw
  8. fixed it had to have another box unchecked that ie needed
  9. how do i do that? sorry im on my laptop now pc is installing windows im trying my 64 bit one now and see if i get same error
  10. i vlite everything except internet explorer need it for xfire and other stuff or you get errors, so i re did my copy and left internet explorer and everything goes smooth untill it restarts and continues to install and i get a dll error which says error loading iesetup.dll i hit ok and it continues and then windows loads no internet explorer any ideas?
  11. im doing my x64 vista now will let you know how big but i dont uncheck them all, only leave aero theme 992mb for iso of x64bit business now im doing my 32bit version will post back when thats done
  12. ive gotten vista to fit on cd, just had to remove alot except for certain things i wanted, but yes it can be done, still running for a month now fine no problems
  13. good question not no noob question, wondering the same thing, after vlite my vista wonder if registry is still there as well
  14. i get this to on nero as well dont know why but it runs fine also, only happens on 32bit for me some reason 64 bit is fine
  15. yep worked just fine thanks alot saved me alot of time lol
  16. hello, im not new to this have done this with xp and well i wanted to try my x64 again to benchmark it against , windows xp/x64/vista for my pc forums, and well i seen sp2 was out for x64 and so i downloaded go to load it and i get an error @ end saying update.exe is not compatible.. any ideas?
  17. i love vista after vlite and a few services shut down i got it to run just as fast as xp. on boot it only uses 13% of ram just like my had my xp no complaints here with it love it and never going back to xp =] plus well i have to start getting use to vista since well its only os supporting dx10
  18. yep get that to =[ you can get it here http://www.techpowerup.com/downloads/475
  19. Well didnt work cant install updates worth a shot im using windows vista business
  20. how can i get ver. 8 so i can try this? edit found ver 8 i will try this with my copy and let you know how it goes. removed everything with ver8 except for aero theme,windows image viewer, ethernet drivers, and sidebar. rebuilding it right now and then im going to install version 9 take out w.e is left and burn it to a cd and see if i can install updates.

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