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  1. Woot worked that time, awesome and windows update works too cool beans thanks
  2. this is a sp1 iso with sp1 on it already so im just going to remove all than and keep basic stuff under the recommended option and tried my first vlite copy and it couldnt boot so im making another one and doing a direct burn instead of iso hopefully it will boot
  3. Hey, Been a while since i used vlite but now with version 1.1 out what do i have to keep in order to have windows update to work right. i dont care about aero and anything else im looking to strip vista down to nothing so do i just take out everything and windows update will work fine or do i need to leave at least something ? Thanks for looking i will post a pic of what im going to remove so hopefully someone can help me well this all that i have left i guess i will try it and see what happens thanks anyway
  4. Hey, Im trying to do a vlite for my laptop using windows 64bit home premium and after im done installing windows on the next reboot i get a bsod, not sure why its bsoding but maybe its something i took out of vlite? here is my last session, any help would be aprreciated it's a Dell XPS M1330 Thank You, Redrumy3 Last_Session.ini
  5. i tried so much to get it to work with ultimate cant figure it out soo i gave up lol and stick with business =/
  6. so i tried another ultimate copy leaving media center in this time, and still no go, but a non vlite ultimate lets the game work so im not sure what to blame on this one, cause the demo works in the vlite ultimate but not the full game. so either vlite is taking something out that we dont know about in a program that might be needed for this game i just dont get how a vlite business copy works fine but not ultimate =[
  7. So you and datalife have the same amount of memory… Could the performance increase of SP1 be only psychological then? Am asking you the performance of an RTM Vista vLited compared to the FULL SP1 one (NOT vLited)! Have you perform any kind of test? Thx. why would i campare a vlited rtm to a full sp1 an we might have the same memory but mine is faster in speed and most likely timings, and overall im sure my pc is much faster than his, so vista rtm was already fast enough for me, just sp1 made me boot in alot faster and opened file quicker as for gaming wise felt the same. and on boot sp1 used less ram than rtm i was sitting on 16% ram usuage with sp1 and with business rtm i use 20% on boot same programs same tweaks. so obvious sp1 had better mem control.
  8. Cpu: Allendale E4300 3.6Ghz 1.45v Ram: 2GB Buffalo Firestix D9's 4-4-4-12 400 x 9 Motherboard: GIGABYTE GA-965P-DS3 Rev1.0 Gpu: Evga 8800GTS 640MB really liked sp1 but since fraps didnt work for it at least for me if would crash game and fraps when i go to record so now im back on my business rtm i think my final size with vlite was around 800mb with sp1 not sure i have to go and check the disc but it worked well except for fraps issue and i really use fraps alot
  9. ram usuage is deff alot better imo works well just get some errors on certain programs like fraps etc. boot time seems the same but i barely see the welcome screen with sp1, also folders and files open alot faster to me, deff worth the wait for this to come out i didnt notice a new bootloader with F8 hmm
  10. yupp i know but i want it to work with ultimate =[
  11. okay i tried w.e i did with my business didnt work but the lost planet demo works fine on the ultimate so it has to be that game they have a big thread on the website about this problem and i dont think they care =/
  12. i leave w.e i leave in business on my ultimate but i will try what you said , i can try and do this tonight and see and let you know
  13. it's something with lost planet many other ppl have crashes on startup with some memory error i get it too with just my ultimate copy of vista ( vlited too) but my business copy which is vlited plays the game just fine. so im pretty sure its something with the game. lost planet doesnt work on vista ultimate 32-bit or 64-bit vlited for me lost planet works on my business vista 32/65-bit vlited soooo yea go figure >_<
  14. worked thanks alot nuhi well cant beat 60 bucks and there is a way around with vista upgrade to do a clean install
  15. thanks alot , i will try and let you.
  16. Hey, Have a slight problem with my friends pc, we decided to vlite his copy of Vista Home Premium Upgrade (Academic) and since we used vlite, we cant run the exe in windows because vlite has taken it out, and now we can't run the upgrade option inside windows. Any ideas on how to fix this? here's a screenshot, as you can see there's no more exe for me to run setup inside windows =[
  17. have them disabled and works fine here, ready boost was taken out by vlite and almost all my services are disabled no problems at all since vista came out
  18. have you figured out the problem yet? i've tried adding scanners, codecs, photo gallery and it still the same. the only thing left to do is leave media player which i don't really want to do. i'll also attach my latest Last Session.ini incase it can be used in troubleshooting. well i know this works for me this is what i have right now and camera works so i think ill just stick with it
  19. yea i have to keep codecs for certain games so i dont remove that but im pretty sure it was media player, will do another vlite tonight i think and test it not sure yet
  20. okay i fixed it dont know which one it was but im pretty sure its media player cause i didnt choose system information or application experience. but i did leave windows SAT so im going to play around more later on but im glad one of these fixed it. i will vlite my vlite disc to see what i left cause i dont remember lol. i will report back sometime tomorrow, thanks alot nuhi
  21. o im sure it works on .9 i know its weird but idk what can cause this i think it might be media player not sure yet. im going to try what you listed to see if maybe that will fix it, i use my external to test vlite first and then format main pc
  22. nope stilll didnt work get same error i attached the file for you nuhi, i kept photo gallery,scanner,image acquisition. i know you dont support your older versions but im trying .95 now to see if maybe something with 1.0 that is messing it up i will report back after i try. hmm .95 doing it now to this is weird, i wonder if media player has something to do with it Last_Session.ini
  23. im going to load a 1.0 now cause .9 beta works with camera, i dont think it something with scanners cause i took them out and it works but i will try it anyway, will report back thanks nuhi
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