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  1. Supposedly, Blackcomb was going to have some sort of wheel instead of a taskbar. It was also supposed to have massive amounts of 3d involved, but then, things change.

    Personally I can't see MS releasing Vienna in it's "radical departure from xp" form as a primary os as it would scare off too many people. It'll either be less experimental or will be a limited release and not a sequal to Vista.

  2. If you'd have asked me this when I was using 98 my response might have been a little more aggressive, but xp never crashes for me. Explorer might restart now and again. As for my pc, I made it. So I suppose it's a sylvianorth-a-tron.

  3. Just a quick question. I've heard of a program that acts like task manager but allows you to configure it so that every time a program or process wants to run it has to ask for permision. I was just wondering if anyone knew of such a program as I want complete control over what's allowed to run.

  4. I find the lack of "basic" features in this long-awaited browser a bit annoying. It's not like they didn't have enough time to include a download manager.

    Or maybe Bill has so many people working on Vista it was left to the work experience kid to program IE7 :blink:

  5. Up until very recently I've never downloaded any "fixes". But I've buckled after reading so much about the various "holes" that exist.

    In my experience, I've never had a virus, got very little spyware and see no need to update all the time. Afterall, the only way I can see anyone taking control of my machine is if I'm stupid enough to let them. I doubt it matters much if you do update or not, it just takes up some of your time...

    Sylvianorth :yes:

  6. I use Photoshop CS and I've found nothing even comes close. Maybe because I've used it for so long, but I did give The GIMP and Paint Shop Pro a go, I really did... But the results are no where near as good.

    I've also found that there are so many exclellent tutorials for photoshop, that even a complete novice can have awesome work coming together in a short time.

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