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  1. It's amazing how this debate still goes on, but one thing is for sure vlite or nlite are both amazing pieces of work whichever OS you choose to use.

    And by the way, I like them both equally :whistle:

  2. Have to agree with the above. My laptop stopped playing all types of video a few months back, tried installing every codec ever, tried reinstalling all the apps to no joy. Couldn't be bothered to reinstall so downloaded VLC and everything plays in that. It's the messiah! :thumbup

  3. Jeremy - That's very true. I worked for an isp helpdesk for a few months and some people had trouble "clicking on the start button"

    I ran adaware yesterday for the first time in 9 months, only found 2 cookies, I guess msfn hasn't given me any virus or spyware troubles, not like that time I let my girlfriend on my pc for ten minutes and she kindly downloaded a "free registry scan" because my pc had "serious errors". I suppose she was only trying to help :realmad:

  4. Let's hope so, I lost a load of word docs on a floppy that gave up the gave up the ghost on me a few years back. Since then I shudder whenever I see one. There's no drive in my laptop and my pc has one in that's never been used. I might take it out and use it as a beer mat.

  5. I was trying to uninstall Sonicstage (the worst program in history) and reinstall an older version as the newer version wouldn't work with my mp3 player.

    Of course this was impossible because Sonicstage installs itself into every little hole it can find. So I couldn't completely rid myself of all of the new version.

    So I was about to reinstall when i tried CCleaner and hey, it got the little ****!

    Everything gets uninstalled by the CCleaner now. :yes:

  6. I've used Glass2k a few times and whilst I like the features I've found it to be quite buggy. Sometimes it'll shoot my cpu usage up to 100% and others it'll cause explorer to crash. I do like the program but it needs to be reworked a little.

  7. You're right about overclocking laptops, very bad idea.....

    If you're after extra speed you could disable all the XP eye-candy and revert to the original windows theme. There's loads of info around these forums about how to squeeze some extra juice out of your machine. The extra ram will really help though and is the easiest way to improve performance. Also try to remove a few unnecessary programs that start up automatically. Basic stuff I know but every little helps.

  8. Haven't managed to find a decent Vista skin as yet. There's one called "clearonebeta" which has some cool transparency in it. MMD3 is awesome though and there are a couple of decent other ones on there but any that claim to look like Vista are quite poor unfortunately.

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