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  1. Have you tried starting IE7 with No-addons running? Right click Internet Explorer on the desktop and click Start without Add-ons. Have you tried using Firefox?
  2. I had this problem on a computer the other day. I removed the antivirus software (Panda) in safe-mode and then it loaded into Windows. I then re-loaded the antivirus software and it has been fine since. You can go into safe mode and check the minidump files (usually located in C:\Windows\Minidump), there may be minidumps there which reference a file which is causing the problem. Good luck.
  3. What desktop theme is that (in the Clean img)? And where did you get that wallpaper? It's nice.
  4. What Windows/Firefox theme is that? It's pretty sweet.
  5. Thanks for this, I'll give it a try. Any idea on how to make it a silent install?
  6. I have copied all 5 Works Suite CD's onto my server and attempted to incorp it into WPI with not much success. Ideally, I would like to install this silently. Another thing I have thought about is perhaps making an image of each disc and (if possible) merge them to one image. or somehow get the images to install Works Suite in sequence. To strip it down: I'd like to install Works Suite in the quickest possible way. I'm aware that works suite is available on DVD, but at the moment we are supplying the CD versions. Any suggestions here would be much appreciated.
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