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  1. My old Vista Beta 1 DVD is corrupted

    I can't do that, because I don't have the corrupted DVD anymore, only the corrupted ISO. In the meantime I downloaded the most of the corrupted driver files from Microsoft Update Catalog. There are still some files (c. 24 MB) that I couldn't find, beacuse they are too old drivers (dating back to 2002). My ISO file is 2,39 GB now (the original is 2,41 GB). I attach the list of the missing files, so someone can upload them for me. They are ordinary device drivers, it's most certainly NOT illegal. missing.txt
  2. My old Vista Beta 1 DVD is corrupted

    I thought it wasn't illegal because those files are technically not parts of the OS, since they're only device driver files (not the install.wim image). It would be important beacuse the build is not available anymore. Also, could you provide me with the structure (files & folders with sizes) of the original iso?
  3. Hello, I'm new on this forum and I want to ask some help. I'm a collector of old Longhorn/Vista beta discs, but unfortunately my Vista Beta 1 (b.5112) disc is scratched. A long time ago (the disc was still scratched then, but I didn't realize) I created an ISO from the original disc, beacuse I deleted the my original ISO file after burning the disc to free hard disk space. I checked the ISO with ISOBuster, and it said that a lot of files were corrupt, all in the drivers folder, which was used to store the legacy XP drivers for the "Install Supplemental Drivers" app, I belive (the installer files of the WinFX runtime components beta 1 were also corrupt, but I had them burned to a seperate disc in the past, so this is no longer a problem). My ISO image is also smaller in size because of the coruppted files, it's 2,00 GB instead of 2,41 GB (2,19 GB if I add WinFX). I don't know if there are any files missing, but this is possible. Can someone give me a file with the disc structure? After I found out which files are missing (if any), I will make a list with the missing and corrupted files. Can someone upload those files for me then? (If you have a slow connection, you can help me by uploading only a small portion of the files)