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    Thank you nLite

    I've learned more about computers from this site than anywhere else. Thanks to Nuhi, all the administrators, and everyone else for sharing their knowledge and experience. This is THE best site. Steve
  2. When I turn on the laptop it boots up and all the pre-loaded stuff goes into "program files" (things like movie maker, outlook express, messenger, online services folder, common files folder, etc etc etc etc). When I load new software I like to put it in a new folder called c\software, but every time I boot up all these other things I mentioned get loaded into the new folder so I have the "program files" folder and the "software" folder each containing all the preloaded stuff. Can I stop this? How can I have the preloaded stuff loading into program files only and my software into my new folder. I know about the registry edit to change the default location but it makes no difference to the preloaded stuff. Any suggestions? Your help and advice is much appreciated. Regards, steve
  3. Is this a stupid question? Is there a button I can press to download all the hotfixes / updates in one? - ie without downloading each fix individually? I use XP PRo SP2 Regards Steve
  4. Could it be connected in some way with the reg tweak "menu show delay"? (the tweak to speed up opening all programmes from start menu)
  5. hi Guys, Thanks for the info, very useful - I've heard before that some addons don't work. Nuhi, I tried a fresh install of everything and I got the same error messages so I guess I must be doing something wrong but I cannot see what. Oh, I forgot to mention in my first post about the other error message - "Rundll, error loading srcclient.dll, specified module could not be found". this appears immediately after the first error message. Does that help you? Also, a ballon tip "new programmes installed" appears over the "all programmes" saying "there is not enough space to load all the programmes" I have copied and kept the logs that are made - do you want me to send them to you? Let me know on that. Any other help would be much appreciated. Regards, Steve
  6. Take your time Kel - if you don't have health you have nothing. God speed. Regards, steve
  7. I'm new to this forum but have found your articles and advice to be fantastic. take your time and get better. all the best steve
  8. Hi Everyone, I originally put this problem in the wrong forum, so my apologies!! Here it is again, hope you can help. 1 When I integrate the Ryan update pack (using the Ryan Integrator) and have no addons I make a few tweaks in Nlite and make the ISO. I then try it out in virtual Pc - No problem with this. 2 When I integrate Ryan update pack and add a few addons, then use Nlite to make the same tweaks and make the ISO I get the following error mesage after it completes loading in virutal Pc: the title of the error message box is: "Rundll32.exe - unable to locate the compnent" the message reads: "the application failed to start because framedyn.dll was not found. Reinstalling the application may fix this problem" I've tried different addons, same error message. I've even reinstalled Nlite and Ryan, no luck. I get this same message when I do everything in Nlite or everything with Ryan. Any suggestions? Thanks for your help and advice. Regards, Steve
  9. steev


    These things like paypal, ebay etc etc are too anonymous. Stickzilla said very well - they are outside the laws of banking so can get away with bad practises. fortunately most people don't get problems but when you do then it's big time!!! I only ever put in the exact amount for the article I'm buying - that way they never have any of my money.
  10. I've not tried Resource Hacker, but I have read a couple of times on other sites about occasional problems when changing various resources. Just highlighting this so others know. All the best guys. steve
  11. If I'm writing in the wrong section - sorry!! Ok, this is my problem: I use Ryan to integrate the update pack and also a couple of addon packs. Then I use NLite to make a few changes and burn as an ISO file. then I use the virtual pc to test the tweaked XP Pro. After the copy has loaded I always get an error message in a box: The box is entitled"rundll32.exe - unable to locate component" The error message is: "the application failed to start because framedyn.dll was not found. Reinstalling the application may fix this problem". I've tried different addon packs and also different copies of XP pro but I always get this same error message. The only time it doesn't appear is when I burn an ISO with no update packs and no addon packs and no tweaks. Also, the message "new programme is installed" shows in the start menu but nothing is there, and I can't find any of the packs I integrate. what am I doing wrong? Many thanks for you help and advice Regards steve
  12. I have an "Evaluation" Copy of XP Pro. What is it? How can I permanently remove any restrictions? A friend told me that it has a 3 month time limit, is this right? Thanks for your help and guidance. regards, steev
  13. Hello all, I'm steev, just joined and I hope to be able to make a positive contribution. I'm new to the unattended thing so if I ask silly questions......... be patient!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Regards, Steev

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