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  1. SammyDawn


    Hey you did it. Thank you for helping the whole forum with the .net problem you had.
  2. Hey be easy on Hyipo. He just wants some help. If I didn't know any better I say you banned his IP address. He just wants help is that so wrong. Also if there would be more people posting help then maybe the forums will be cleaner. If I knew a lot I would join this forum as a moderator to help people. Also deleting this post is violation of Freedom Of Speech.
  3. I want to secure my servers settings. I want to have a 10/10 CIS Benchmarks so How can I integrate my CIS Benchmarks. Could I make a MSI Installer to integrate the Local Security Policy settings to my Operating System upon install.
  4. But I want to know how do I edit a .INI, .INF, or a file like .DLL. I don't know which file to edit.
  5. Please could you help me. AVG will popup after the setup and that is not unattended install for my Windows 2000 setup disk.
  6. I don't like fear. Allthough you could be wrong too cause see WGA could do this "in the fall". So anything can happen until the fall. Even if it happens or does not happen do not fear because that will just cause more problems then there already is. There is a saying "There's nothing to fear but fear itself".
  7. Dude why not compress the drivers, and find the source of the problem. It could be a addon problem. One more thing is do you use addons built and tested for nlite or just your own made ones?
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