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nLite 1.4 Beta errors...


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  • 3 weeks later...

I tested my nLite CD (with SFC left enabled) in VirtualBox 1.4.0 and used nLite 1.4 beta to make it. I installed the guest additions (basically drivers) for the virtual PC and upon reboot I immediately get the SFC errors. I turned on File Monitor to see what files get copied but it didn't seem to catch anything interesting (plus it seemed Winlogon did the copying?).

I replace the SFC files with ones from a slipstreamed installation that doesn't have SFC (and disable SFC) or I tell the registry to look for other places for the CD.

From a slipstreamed installation with disabled SFC, copy the SFC files either off its hard drive or the CD (you will have to expand them). For the installation with SFC you will need to use something like WfpReplace (a command-line app) to replace the files. Google it.

I think the most effective way to fix for the moment is to copy the I386 folder to somewhere and edit the registry in these places similar to how I do it:


ServicePackSourcePath should be the folder just before the I386 folder as far as I can tell (Original value is the drive letter from which Windows was installed). After once placing the nLite CD in to fix and applying the registry change (and I've done this on numerous PCs), it seems I do not get the WFP message again. I think it finds the spot properly in C: or wherever I place I386. I always copy I386 because I do not want to have get the CD out or mount an ISO or anything like that.

So, the best thing to do if you want to keep WFP is to install Windows, install all drivers with no reboots in between, and then reboot and insert your nLite CD (or keep it inserted during reboot) and let it do its thing. After that copy your I386 folder to C: and then apply these changes to the registry. Reboot and make sure things work still.

Hope this helps.

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NeoZeruel, thanks for the list.

But c:\windows\system32\winar30.ime, what the hell :)

This will be tough, there was nothing to filter out since you didn't remove anything, but why is sfcfiles.dll reported as tampered, please attach your preset as well.

I believe it's tampered here too :no: . Because I get this message saying sfcfiles.dll is not a valid Windows copy.

That happens after textmode and upon booting the GUI mode.

I haven't seen this before :blink:



I compared the SFCfiles.dll from the original source, regular install and nLited source.

The first screen is from 1.4 RC2. It seems there is no file version.

It's been patched silently and got corrupted somehow or am I wrong?

59169-sfc_nlite4rc2.png 59170-sfc_regXPSP2.png 59171-sfc_srcXPSP2.png


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NeoZeruel, thx.

Btw. have you tried providing it with that nlited CD so that it recopies those "missing" files?

You can reinitiate that with sfc /scannow

Anybody here who can successfully run SFC /ScanNow? If I run it (while no CD present) I get a lot of files that SFC wants to replace. Even if I put in the CD and let SFC replace everything, a new run will want to replace the files all over again.

I've seen this both with XP SP1 and XP SP2, both with a Dutch and a US version.

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