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How to add Unlocker 1.8.5

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Dudes, I have a question ... again.

In this installation of XP that I use, someone made Unlocker to be at right click on MyComputer. I'm not sure that Unlocker is standard part of Windows XP. So I downloaded latest version of it - 1.8.5.

I want to integrate it and set it to right click of MyComputer in my unattended installation. Please help!

Thanx a lot!

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The great Xable also provides an addon(maker) for this tool :)

This app will build an addon for Unlocker Installed to "Program Files\Unlocker"

Your options are

1. Light - Just Unlocker, without assistant or shortcut.

2. Medium - Unlocker and assistant, without shortcut.

3. Full - Unlocker with assistant and shortcut.

Note: Addon will be saved to the desktop

Source : http://xable.net/board/index.php?showtopic=31

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