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Sharing and Remote Connection Problem


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Hi there mates....

let me get in to the point strait...

I have a small home network... 2 computers...

Computer 1: can see and access shared drives on Computer2...

Computer 2: can see that there is a second computer but access is denied...

both of the computers cannot make any remote connection to each other from either sides....

the error message was "domain/workgroup has no terminal services"...

I have no idea why this is happening.. I allowed my firewalls to accept any connection or any access from each side (i.e. Computer1 and Computer2)..

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Are the two computers in a LAN? How are they connected?

The two computers are connected through a LAN, with normal wired connection using a switch of course, and having an internet feed from normal speedtouch router.

addressing and subnet masks are correctly setup. subnet mask router = and the other two computers = and

very simple home network... but I don't know why it doesn't go well????

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