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Ati 9600 Tv Out Mystery


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Someone please help... My tv out works fine until i come to playing videos from my hard drive on the television screen. The player (and i have tried different media programs to run from) screen just comes up completely blank black on the tv even though it is running completely fine on the monitor,

The only thing that fixes this problem is when i drop the 'hardware acceleration' down to at least half way, then it displays the videos on the tv fine???

I have downloaded the latest drivers for the graphics card and the mother board and am using directX9.0b but still nothing unless i reduce the acceleration.

oh by the way any dvd's run off disk run fine on tv at full acceleration.

any ideas??????

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The reason for this is when you use hardware acceleration. The Graphics card isen't able to stream to two screens at the same time.

To view movies on your television with full hardware acceleration go to the "Screens" tab within the ATI control panel... Then set your TV as the primary (round button) output source and your monitor as secondary (dual screen button).


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I had this same problem with my roomates laptop that had radeon mobility. Just make the tv the primary like crispy said. Ie turn on the tv by clicking the tabs in the display settings, then unclick (turn off) the moniter via the same control panel. This will make it display properly.

Also, Ati control panel is pretty neet for deisplying on your tv, you can set up marco hot keys to do the whole process.


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i am not a lazy git i am a forum virgin thats all! cheers for the advice everything is now cool... the shop where i got it didn't have a clue, the solution is so much more simple than they made out ...cheers guys!

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