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Unattended withoud key

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Does anybody know if its possible that you can run an unattended install with the autounattend.xml without defining a product key??

So that at the first boot Vista asks for an product key?

Maybe helpfull what my final goal is :)

Sometime i need to install a pc with Vista, each pc has different hardware so i was thinking that an unattended install was the best option.

I also have thought of using sysprep but understand it not entirely :)

Maybe someone can also tell me when to use an unattended file and when to use sysprep :thumbup

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yes you can install without a key, just click and go at that screen without.

The System Preparation (Sysprep) tool prepares an installation of Windows for duplication, auditing, and customer delivery. Duplication, also called imaging, enables you to capture a customized Windows image that you can reuse throughout an organization.

So unless you're replicating this to 4 or more PC's its not worth it. From what you said Unattended is best bet.

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I think he wants to create an unattend.xml without the product key and he does not want to be prompted for the product key.

That's what i want aswell.

I tried to leave the product key out of the Windows PE pass, but then the installation will simply stop with an error saying that the product key is invalid.

Does anyone know how to create an unattended without the product key, that will simply continue without prompting for the product key during the installation?

Or are there any generic or universal product keys for vista that one can legally use to startup the unattended installation?

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vLite does this already. it uses the generic key that vista uses when you install without a key. i wont post the key but you can download vlite and make unattended to see the key vlite uses.

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So that at the first boot Vista asks for an product key?

Now what part of that don't I understand?

I try not to read stuff into what someone asks. If they ask more you say more.

You can click and go and it will start asking later on, can't remember if at first boot but it will start asking. I think you have 3 days or 30 days but I don't do that so don't remember.

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