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No Control over RealTek HD Input....


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Okay, so it seams the last 4 comps I have build I can't get the Audio input to allow me control over anything. I can adjust the slider on the Recording volume, but that is it. All other boxes are greyed out and locked up. Here are a couple pictures to help describe my issue.



I am using:

Karajan audio module

- Realtek ALC882 8-channel High Definition Audio CODEC

- 6 audio jacks

- 1 CD-in connector

- 1 front audio connector

Anyone ever run across this issue before?

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Hmmm. This gets a bit tricky, but first I'd start with the BIOS. You need to find the item where you can enable or disable the HD audio or AC '97 for the front and also the HD Audio for the rear. I've been fiddling with that on P5B board and I noticed that the the ANtec case I'm using has two different connectors on the same cable, so I started snooping into the BIOS settings.

The next step is to load the correct drivers and software from the setup CD for the board you are using. The combination of these two maybbe why you are grayed out. Also note that in the image above you are only showing the recording items and not those associated with playback. You'll need to go into the Control Panel dialog and make sure the correct audio device is set for both playback and recording. I'm willing to bet you have something other that the Realtek HD Audio set for playback at the moment.

there are someother things you can try, but I'd do those first and see if that clears it up. :^)

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@Rip: RealTek doesn't give me that type of control over those settings. Also, I got the latest drivers the other day, and still didn't fix it, and now I have 0 control over any settings besides environment.

@Don: All I have is the onboard, and my IceMat USB soundcard, and this has been an issue since before I got the USB. In fact, that is the reason I got them, well.... that and CS. I'll look in the bios though and see if I can change it to AC'97

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Check Add/Remove Programs for a Windows patch for KB888111 - if it's not there then download it and install it.

If it's there, try removing it and reapplying.

Was able to find the update finaly. It only took me a few days of googling....

for anyone else who needs it, I uploaded it to my server:


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  • 3 weeks later...

Sorry for the long delay.

If 888111 is now present in Add/Remove, then go into Device Manager and uninstall the sound card.


If it asks for drivers Cancel it.

Run the Setup.exe from the latest Realtek drivers.

Let us know.

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Aite, uninstalled the update, but the realtek device was not listed under the device manager, so I am assuming it was removed when I took the update out. Rebooting right now, so we'll see what happens. I am @ work right now, just working on it via remote desktop.

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