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SyncToy 1.4 Permissions


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Hello All!!!

I am looking for a file sync program (similar to Microsoft SyncToy). The problem that I have is with permissions. The directories that I need to sync are all on my companies domain, and all have specific permissions set to allow/deny access. I have tried a few sync solutions (Rsync, SyncToy, etc.), which work great, but none of them copy the permissions over :no: . Instead, they simply pass on whatever permissions the root folder has on to the newly copied folders, which basically opens the limited access folders up to the public.

For instance, XCopy with the /O switch will "copy file ownership and ACL information". This has worked fine in the past, but I am looking for something with a GUI, or something automated such as SyncToy.

Does anyone have any suggestions of a software solution (doesn't have to be freeware) that can help me?!?!

Thanks in advance!!!


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I ended up using Microsofts Robocopy, a utility that comes with Server 2003 Resource Kits Tools. This utility does exactly what I have listed above, and then some, and has an optional GUI :thumbup .

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Glad you found the solution.

I'm using it to copy the files with permissions on domain controllers. /sec switch works perfectly. :hello:

I'm also using psexec tool to copy the files from our strong link locations to their sub locations.

With psexec and robocopy you have really strong auto-copy power :whistle:

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