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closing track on vlite


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hey i'm new to this and i couldnt find a topic that was relevant...

i am using vlite to make my vista dvd smaller and it is spending what seems like a lifetime "closing track" when it is writing to dvd. is this normal?

also... i am currently running vista home premium. will i have to start again to use my vista lite or can i "upgrade" the vista i am using now to my vista lite home premium?

thanks a lot!

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thanks for all your help guys...

Hmm, you can't expect ppl to jump on this like they have nothing else to do...be patient and wait a day or 3 before you make a comment like that.

Even though I have my differenses with Nuhi I know he is giving a lot of his free time to develop this, so if he is spending weeks and months on this for you...you maybe could wait a few days for him.?? :angry:

But to answer your questions:

I guess vlite takes time because it has to 'rebuild' the whole structure, meaning copy all files to another location and then back again. (sorta)

It is a bit quicker to do it manually, but it still involves the extracting of content to a new structure.

I hope this made you a bit more patient with the wait involved, and maybe learned to be a bit more patient yourself. ;)

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as for the closing track thats is depentend on ur dvd burner but have i tried to just make an iso then use some program nero, ultraiso, etc to try burning the dvd and for the update i have not tryed to update from one vista to another but i dont see why there would be a problem since each version has simalierties and just a few differences

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