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Windows Media Player Removal


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I'm pulling my hair out trying to get Media Player Classic to play all media files. The problem is I can set it for one user by going into Windows Media player and clearing all the file association checkboxes. After that I go to Media Player Classic and choose all media files.

Again this works for only the current user because Microsoft decided that each user should have their own assocaitions for media files. I can see this somewhat handy for some instances but I'm trying to kill Windows Media Player file associations and use Media Player Classic for all users.

Has anyone overcome this or am I wasting my time?


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What i do is open every media player i have (windvd, quicktime...) and disable them from using any media format. Then i open media player and select what i want. For media player 9, when you log into a new user it should prompt you for what file types you want to associate media player with.

You could also copy your profile to the default user profile, then make a new account. In other words, copy your ntuser.dat to the ntuser.dat in default user profile, then make new account via user accounts.


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