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HDD Problem with nLited/vLited CD/DVDs


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i seem to have 1 problem with my nLited/vLited Systems. it seems that all seem to have an error when using Partition Magic to resize partition(Boot CD), the errors:

Partition Improperly Dismounted

Upcase Table Incorrect

it seems i have a scan <something> .dat file in C: drive once and it have a line of garbage and then some line about NTLDR compressed and NTLDR something else... can seem to get the scan file... ...

dunno if its nLite/vLite prob but anyone to help?

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No, not related to n/vlite because they don't control the file system, just files and registry.

What does this mean "Partition Magic to resize partition(Boot CD)"?

You copied your Windows installation files directly to some partition, haven't put it in some folder?

Also I had my share of disasters by using live partitioning...never again...that Windows built-in partitioning while installing Windows is more than enough and never fails to make a proper partition table.

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i am trying to do a resize partition from my Partition Magic Boot CD. but it dosen't give me any other probs just can't resize partitions. unless i format & resize. it seems if data is there then theres an error.

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If there is data on your hard drive, which you want to preserve,

you must not use the Pre-Windows version of Partition Magic (P.M.),

but you should use the win 32 version, meaning: you have to install P.M.

on your operating system and use it from Windows.

Alternatively, you can use Acronis Disk Director from its pre-Windows version,

which can also be found in Hiren's Boot CD 9.0

Look it up in any warez forum.

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