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vlite1.0b with all options on....what size is the iso file


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with all components checked on what is the size of the iso it creates for all flavours including x64

i would assume the vista home basic x86 with all components checked on would be the absolute minimal install...

im going to test that one now and will report back with info

please post the size of iso you created ONLY with all option checked ON and please post what install size it boots upto minus page file and minus hibernation file and before any updates

would be nice to see what each version is doing in both x86 and x64 just for the hell of it

ok with all options on and tweaks = anything that would save memory i checked on.

size on disk 561 MB (588,578,816 bytes)

this is vista home basic x86

note on the vlite installer when its first ran it asks about installing some scripts and the wmi (i forget exacyly what they were but its the very first thing) and only the bottom box was clickable so i installed it like i always do...but the top one wasnt clickable and i think it needed to be installed

not sure

anyhow not going to install tonight...got to much stuff i need to back up first but nice going nuhi (561MB) :)

just wanted to say also....gosh dang the more i play with vlite the more windows looks like its based on linux with packages :)


nuhi dont tell me your going to make vista use apt-get so we can install these packages anytime we want ;)

apt-get install Internet Explorer 7

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im doing my x64 vista now will let you know how big but i dont uncheck them all, only leave aero theme :D

992mb for iso of x64bit business

now im doing my 32bit version will post back when thats done

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