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[Release] foobar2000 v0.9.5.6

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i have maked a new addon, not with the JD elegance, but probably works.

Please test it.


Autocompletion of values in the Properties dialog.

Support for chapters in Musepack SV8 files.

New “Split values” command in the Properties dialog.

Simple search queries: any latin characters are now matched regardless of their accents.


Media Library now automatically keeps track of any changes made to its folders; no more need to manually rescan them.

Improved compatibility of file type associations with Windows Vista.

No more delay when playing/enqueuing files from Windows Explorer.

The installer now includes “portable mode” that works in limited user contexts and doesn't make any changes to system configuration, registry, etc.

New Converter user interface.

Built-in Matroska support.


>>Full installation

+>foo_burninate.dll -- CD burning support -- This component requires Nero to be installed on your system.

+>foo_input_alac.dll -- ALAC decoding support -- Adds decoding support for Apple Lossless Audio Codec files (.M4A).

+>foo_input_monkey.dll -- Monkey's Audio decoding support -- Adds decoding support for Monkey's Audio files (.APE) as well as APE Link files (.APL).

+>foo_out_asio.dll -- ASIO support -- Adds ASIO output support.


CRC32: 29E934E2

HAVAL: BE77AAEB51CD9E62753701E3AB3251417EED6A57C40B09FE1998CF9DDDD57DE1

MD5: 390B01B00A5109E199DAFE107F507A55

SHA-1: BC3F54DE4D695FA9020EFC93017C59BE9F698301

Tiger: B37AD6F54B9E88B77038B7AEE8A3B4A90518D6A29B2521EB

size: 3,31 MB (3.474.510 bytes)






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