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[Release] foobar2000 v0.9.5.6


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pack created


not compressed: 2,20 MB (2.315.264 bytes)

7zipped: 480 KB (492.323 bytes)

component list:

.diff from normal e full installation:

./ foo_abx.dll

./ foo_fileops.dll

./ foo_freedb2.dll

./ foo_unpack.dll


./ foo_input_monkey.dll (Monkey's Audio decoding support)

./ foo_out_asio.dll (Adds ASIO output support)

./ foo_verifier.dll (File Integrity Verifier)

./ foo_quicktag.dll (Quick Tagger)

./ foo_texttools.dll (Adds customizable context menu commands for copying information about the selected tracks to Windows Clipboard)

./ foo_playcount.dll (Playback Statistics)

./ foo_out_ks.dll (Kernel Streaming support)

./ foo_input_alac.dll (ALAC decoding support)

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  • 1 month later... is out :D :D :D


Fixed a major bug in Speex decoding, introduced with one of previous udpates.

Updated Speex libraries to 1.2 RC.

Added correct handling of multichannel WMA content.

Various other minor/cosmetic fixes.

the only component change for the new "components.exe" pack is the "foo_unpack.dll"

dated: 22/09/2008,

sha1 hash:ABF1C30B7733C341197B858D1C7777A1FE394294

is present on the original installer, in the full installation.

tnx in advance jd ;)


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hmmm johndoe,

i think your entries.ini got some mistakes.



It should be


Otherwise, svcpack.inf will be in the wrong directory.

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hmm.... that is weird. good catch but its surprising since I've been reusing the same INFs changing dates, filenames and version numbers I've never had a lot of complaints and theslug has also been happy. i've checked the entries in a few of my other addons and they all have I386 in them. anyways, I'll redo these addons ASAP. thanks!

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the 995 pack works well whith the "wrong" "SVCPACK.INF,SetupHotfixesToRun,AddProgram"


996 is the same, i not tested (not time in this days) the new pack, but IMHO works whit & whitout.

in my svcpack.inf, in the [setupHotfixesToRun] section, the foobar exe is present...


PS, i use nlite, is possible a correction in the integration step?

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