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Re: Creating a virtual pc with raid?


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Hi, im attempting to set up a raid array, however having many problems as i dont have a working floppy drive, and dont want a floppy drive either.

i believe i understand how to slipstream the drivers into the iso for the raid array, however i'd like to test the iso before i burn it, for 2 reasons, 1. this is my only working os at the moment, and so to install the new raid i'll have to wipe it. and 2. so i can see if the drivers are actually installing properly and edit as nesserary.


i want a vm pc that i can simulate a nvraid array to test my nlite iso on.

forgive any grammer or strange wording, im not used to posting, i usually read all the forums i can, but having spent around 6 hours reading forum posts i thought i'd post to get some help as this is driving me a little mad.

Many thanks to anyone and everyone that can help me ^_^


win xp 32

AMD 64 3000+

1 gig ram

K8N Neo Platinum

- nforce 3

- nvRaid v4.81

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As far as I know you cannot simulate a hardware RAID configuration with VMWare.

There is no reason to warry about slipstreaming the needed textmode drivers by using nLite. The integration method is well approved.

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Cheers for your fast reply, in which i'll burn it and give it ago, wish me luck ^_^

thanks Fernando, btw your guide about integrating drivers is amazing

thanks again


Good luck!

One last advice: If you integrate the nForce3 SataRaid drivers by using the 5.11 chipset driver package, don't additionally integrate the Ethernet drivers of this package. They are buggy! It's better to take the Ethernet drivers from the nForce chipset driver package v.5.10.

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