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  1. Cheers for your fast reply, in which i'll burn it and give it ago, wish me luck ^_^ thanks Fernando, btw your guide about integrating drivers is amazing thanks again Alec
  2. Hi, im attempting to set up a raid array, however having many problems as i dont have a working floppy drive, and dont want a floppy drive either. i believe i understand how to slipstream the drivers into the iso for the raid array, however i'd like to test the iso before i burn it, for 2 reasons, 1. this is my only working os at the moment, and so to install the new raid i'll have to wipe it. and 2. so i can see if the drivers are actually installing properly and edit as nesserary. THE POINT: i want a vm pc that i can simulate a nvraid array to test my nlite iso on. forgive any grammer or strange wording, im not used to posting, i usually read all the forums i can, but having spent around 6 hours reading forum posts i thought i'd post to get some help as this is driving me a little mad. Many thanks to anyone and everyone that can help me ^_^ Alec win xp 32 AMD 64 3000+ 1 gig ram K8N Neo Platinum - nforce 3 - nvRaid v4.81

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