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Watchguard SOHO vs Linksys WRT54GL


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My company is running a watchguard soho now. I hate it. It's got a clunky interface, a internet seat limit, and an expensive support contract (which I've never had to use).

Is it really any better than a WRT54GL (or version I can load something like dd-wrt)?

It's the same firewall (SPI), isn't it?

anyway, we're looking at getting some new systems in, and a new VPN solution, so I was curious as to see if it would be worth it to get rid of that crapbox and put something better in it's place.

thanks for the input guys!

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In the enterprise environment it often comes down to management or whoever insisting on a support contract. Sure, the admin says he can handle anything that comes up... "but what if he quits his job? What would we do then?" Of course there are many other reasons to have a good support contract in addition to a capable IT team.

Perhaps take a look at Juniper or Tipping Point?

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