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ctfmon.exe starting on unattended install


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I have been refining my unattended XP home edition cd. I use nLite v1.3 to

slipstream sp2 and post sp2 updates/hotfixes. I also use it to slipstream

my sataraid, chipset, vga, sound card and ethernet drivers. NLite also

allows you to customize your settings and services and allows you to remove

unneeded items. When nLite is done I add my install folder to add various

programs from [GuiRunOnce] in the winnt.sif. and burn it.

It works beautifully now except that ctfmon.exe is started and added to the

startup in startup programs.

I don't use it and don't want it. With nLite I removed all but a few

languages and I disabled the launguage button on the task bar in tweaks. I

am not installing any Office products or other software that require


I don't know what service(s) to disable or program to remove that would

stop ctfmom from being installed and started. I'm wary about what I remove

and disable.Things I thought were useless turned out to be essential like

QoS rsvp service for initializing my LAN connection--once initialized it

can be removed and disabled--go figure.

I thought that maybe by using the "disable language button" tweak somehow

invokes ctfmon to start.

If a program being installed is not sure of the language it calls on

windows ui to check the language, that should not start ctfmon.

Any ideas?

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I know its "harmless". But it is also absolutely unecessary as I do not have Office installed, or ever plan to install it. It is a resource hog and an irritation. I don't want to have to mess with it on a new installation, I want to prevent it from install/running/starting at all.

I did slipstream IE7...Carillo, where would you add that registry tweak on your setup CD?

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I did slipstream IE7...Carillo, where would you add that registry tweak on your setup CD?

This is not a reg tweak, it's a command you could run also by "Start\Run...". To make it unattended i've added it in a batch file that i've created to clean and remove some stuffs during windows setup and that i've converted in a svcpack addon with nlite addon maker.


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This is installed with IE7 I believe. It's just a text component used for foreign characters. You can turn it off by going to: Control Panel > Regional & Language Options > Languages > Details... > Advanced > Check "Turn off advanced text services" > Ok

ctfmon will stop trying to add itself to the startup menu (if you keep blocking it) and will be disabled.

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made into a regtweak :)
Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


"Disable Thread Input Manager"=dword:00000001

That has to be the best regtweak ever found - i really really hate the ctfmon.exe with a passion. The amount of times it makes zonealarm pop up is unbelievable. Cheers Digi

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