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  1. Nuhi, When we can get 1.1 final version because I want to re install os. Tell me that so I can wait for final version. Thanks.
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    Hi Nuhi, This query is for Intel P4 1.7 Ghz processor,Intel original 845GLLY motherboard (32 BIT). Recently I have installed vista ultimate.But as competible drivers of motherboard not available I only get 16 bit resolution. Now,my question is that if I integrate 5 to 10 motherboard drivers through V-lite then I may get driver for motherboard, is it harmful to integrate more than one motherboard drivers or sound drivers in one go? Please suggest me good trick so I can install graphic & other drivers in vista. THANK YOU.
  3. can you please attach your batch file & svc add on pack here so we may have clear idea?thanks.
  4. Thanks a lot Nuhi! There is everything in n-lite, adding drivers, removing windows components,registry tweaks,services tweaks & what not? It's a complete experience to enlight win xp. I have suggestion in this matter: WHY WE CANT INTEGRATE PROGRAMS LIKE WINAMP,WINRAR THROUGH N-LITE ? I KNOW THAT THERE IS OTHER WAY TO DO THIS THINGS. BUT WHY N-LITE CANT DO THIS THINGS ? IN THIS WAY IF WE CAN ADD SOME PROGRAM USING N-LITE THEN IT WILL BE GREAT! I AM NOT TALKING ABOUT ADD ON PACKS TO SLIPSTREAM BUT AUTOMATICALLY N-LITE SHOULD CREATE $OEM$ FOLDERS & RUNONCEEX.CMD LIKE WISE. THANKS.............................................................
  5. Dear members, I used nlite to integrate, adding & remove such components. Everything is fine except, during installation of my unattended windows xp cd only one time I have to interact manually. It says 'Found new hardware' & I have to manually choose 'Not from internet now' and click auto install option. Everything else is fine.I use Samsung syncmaster 17'. Please guide me how can I overcome this manual interaction? Thank you.
  6. DEAR FORUM MEMBERS, I frequently have virus problems on my and my friends computer. I want to make bootable, scannable CD of Norton antivirus-2004. How can I do this? Can I update virus defination on that bootable CD, by making new CD so I can scan my computer without installing software with new defination set ? Please guide me. Thanks.
  7. I think this post became quite interesting for everyone. In this post anyone who don't like to take pain of making bat file or boot.cfg method can easily download utility linked in second post . And knowledge hungry people can go deXter way!
  8. :whistle: Thank you deXter!!!
  9. Dear deXter, Thanks for the posting .bat file! I have copied your text (of course with your name for credit!) & made .bat file exactly as you mentioned. After that I ran it, I find that it has changed my boot.ini file as this: [boot loader] timeout=30 default=multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(1)\WINDOWS [operating systems] multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(1)\WINDOWS="Windows XP Safe Mode" /noexecute=alwaysoff /fastdetect /safemode:minimal After that change in boot.ini I rebooted but nothing happened! System does not start in safe mode. Please note that I have three partitions on my HDD, namely C,D,E. windows xp is on C drive. please guide me what is the mistake? Thanks again!
  10. Dear deXter, Thanks for co-operation. please attach bat file for my purpose. please give details how can i pin to start menu & do safe mode from there. If i wish to revert back to normal mode option for the same should be there in the start menu. please explain in detail. thank you.
  11. Dear MGadAllah, Thanks for your kind help. But is it not possible to do this tweak without Third party software ? Anybody else?

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