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Vista in 5 CDs convert to DVD?! possible?


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Yes. Just browse to the first one and follow the instructions on screen.

Can you please be more specific?

I also have access only to the CD version though I need the DVD version in order to add Windows to my Mac using bootcamp.

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Start vLite, click Browse on the right and point it to the CD drive letter with the first CD in.

Then it will ask you where to copy, choose some new folder on the hdd.

After it's done copying it will ask you to insert other CDs one by one.

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how about the other way arround is it possible to crate a cd version (either from the cdversion or dvd-version...)

(vlited vista HB on a lappy that doenst have a dvd-drive (after it broke i replaced with a cdburner cuz i had one laying arround).

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